Album Review: Nomadic Rituals – Tides (Cursed Monk Records)

Nomadic Rituals are a heavy 3-piece Sludge/Doom band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Formed in July 2012 by Craig Carson, Peter Hunter, and Mark Smyth. On January 8th the band return with their third album ‘Tides’ which will be released on CD, Cassette, and Digital Download through Cursed Monk Records.

Beginning with an eruption in the ears, of what sounds like a ship blasting into space, in an instant it is gone. What we are left with is soft melody that is akin to drifting amongst the darkness of the cosmos. There’s peace on Cassini-Huygens Part 1 (The Launch) something that is enhanced as the drums and guitars start to pick up in volume, leading us towards a heart-stopping drop into teeth-aching fuzzy doominess. Forget the peace that dominated the first third of this track, we’re in a much darker and heavier place now. Something that gets even more terrifying as it goes on, the vocals becoming scarred and scathing in their delivery.

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Pick up your jaw and scoop up your brains, Cassini-Huygens Part 2 (Last Transmission) isn’t letting up on the mind-melting fuzzed out heaviness Nomadic Rituals delivers. While a bit more straight-forward then Part 1, this does feel so much more threatening. The percussion alone, powerful enough to crack a hole in a planet.



Them is a showcase of cleaner riffs, albeit with the familiar taste that leaves the tongue feeling a bit furry. Before a chance to breathe comes with Tumulus and its very subtle start, the starry melody feeling quite light. A rumble, like a radio signal being picked up, is an early warning sign that it’s soon going to be time to strap in tightly.

When that time does come, it comes with heft and determination. The slow pace, monotonous drum beat and drawn out guitar tone making mince-meat of the mind. It’s as close to a psychedelic offering as you can get here.

Although there’s something quite relaxing about Moving Towards Total Disorganisation and its sense of ancient voices in the gloom. At least until it ups the intensity near the end, instead reverting back to the distorted ache most will be quite familiar with at this stage.

Which leads us to a finale that is a titanic weight of cold feelings forcing the mind, body and soul to sink into the despondent mire of The Burden. Nomadic Ruins no longer caring if you get out in one piece.

Nomadic Rituals – Tides Full Track Listing:

1. Cassini-Huygens Part 1 (The Launch)
2. Cassini-Huygens Part 2 (Last Transmission)
3. Them
4. Tumulus
5. Moving Towards Total Disorganisation
6. The Burden


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Nomadic Rituals - Tides (Cursed Monk Records)
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