Album Review: Mothman and The Thunderbirds – Into the Hollow (Self Released)

Into the Hollow is the debut album from Mothman and The Thunderbirds, the ambitious and conceptual solo project of Alex Parkinson. Will the Mothman be able to prevent disaster this time? Who knows, there’s bigger things going on to worry about like hollow earths and oceans without end. It’s going to take a whole cast of characters and guest musicians to save us from this one. Do you believe in reality?

Into the Hollow will be unleashed on May 21st 2021. Into the Hollow is a stoner metal album for people who are bored of stoner metal. Speaking on the origins of the project, Alex had this to say:

The band name was inspired by a binge-watch session of the beloved program Ancient Aliens. In one of the episodes, a host posited that the Mothman may be a Thunderbird. I thought to myself, ‘hey, Mothman and The Thunderbirds would be a really dumb, but great, band name,’ and the rest was history!



The man behind Mothman and the Thunderbirds makes no apologies for the weirdness of this record. Why should he? However, that’s just hyperbole, right? Well, no. Into the Hollow is a bloody weird album that seems to be unable to sit still for any length of time. One minute it’s sounding like the lovechild of Mastodon and Nebula, at others the deformed mess of Candlemass and Primus, then at others like something Voivod and Devin Townsend coughed up into a blender. Of course, it also sounds like none of these insane things.

Intrigued? You should be as if there’s one thing Into the Hollow has, it is variety and imagination. It just so happens that imagination is coming Mothman and the Thunderbirds. Imagination that seems to be out of control and veering dangerously for the nearest cliff.

The question remains… is it any good? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is; holy shit, this insanity is amazing and every second brings something fresh and exciting. In a genre that is all about innovation (progressive), Mothman and the Thunderbirds are seriously innovating. Though, of course it’s not a progressive metal release. It’s a stoner record… sort of.

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That does mean it won’t have as much appeal to those who like to stick exclusively to one genre or the other. (Seriously, do those people actually exist?) Stoner fans will get a kick out of the fuzzy riffs, weathered vocals and chunky groove. Progressive metal fans will get a kick out of the ever evolving complexities in songs and clever use of melodies. Whereas metal fans in general will enjoy the harsher, aggressive tone of much of the music. While rock fans will enjoy the fact it never goes too far in the metal direction.

Jesus, this is exhausting. Just go listen to it. Eleven tracks at a tight 32 minutes, this is time well spent. Come and join in the madness and make up your own mind about what the hell is going on here. Aside from quality music being shared with grateful listeners.

Mothman and the Thunderbirds – Into the Hollow Full Track Listing:

1. Mothman Takes Flight
2. Hollow Earth
3. Nomad
4. Indrid Cold
5. Infinite Ocean (feat. Jason Roberts (of Breaths/CHNNLR))
6. The Simpsons = Real Footage (feat. Kirby)
7. Agarthan Riders (feat. Sam Parkinson)
8. Cloud Giant (feat. Joe Sobieski)
9. Squonk
10. Roko’s Basilisk
11. Hollow Sun


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Mothman and The Thunderbirds - Into the Hollow (Self Released)
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