Horror Movie Review: Night of the Wererooster (2015)

With a title like The Night of the Wererooster, how on earth could we avoid the temptation to watch it? Before hitting play, it’s as clear as anything what this movie should be. A low-budget, silly horror comedy romp that entertains with lashings of blood, guts and nudity.

It should be all of those things but sadly, The Night of the Wererooster fails in every department but the low-budget one.

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The story sees a random group of individuals summoned to some woods by a letter that claims to know what happened to their missing friends and family members. The letter writer is Charlotte (Carleigh Hewa) and she talks them all into heading into the woods. To hunt what turns out to be… a Wererooster.

They’re there to destroy it once and for all but her motivations might not be as pure as they first seem.

It’s nonsense but what should be entertaining nonsense. The slow start, there so we can get the cast into the woods and have them picked off by the Wererooster. Unfortunately, once in the woods the film continues to move at a slow pace and just gets slower and slower. Then the sinking realisation hits that the film isn’t going to get any better and the promise of actually seeing the Wererooster just isn’t going to happen.

Which it never does. Can you believe that? It’s called The Night of the Wererooster and the closest we get to seeing it is in its human form. Wow. How exciting. Low-budget is no excuse because it could have looked like crap and it still would have been something.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s incredibly boring. Once we’re in the woods, we get numerous flashbacks that mean nothing. Padding? That’s an understatement and made all the worse by having a cast not up to the task. Bad acting is one thing but bad dialogue being spouted by bad actors? Jesus, take the god-damn wheel.

The worst thing about this movie? It’s 90 minutes long. That’s an hour and a half of your life you won’t be getting back if you watch this trash.


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Night of the Wererooster
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