Fleshmechanic’s Top 10 Most Attractive Male Movie Characters

There’s no doubt there are many compelling male characters in movies but when tasked with choosing just 10, it’s actually harder than you think. Here are 10 characters I consider to be pretty damn attractive:

10 – Pinhead


For some people it may seem strange to find Pinhead attractive, which is understandable. His job is to torture people in unimaginable ways and throw them into their own personal hells. But what I find interesting and attractive about him is how matter of fact he is, he knows that what he’s telling you is inevitable and there’s no use trying to change it. He knows that people who open the box, no matter how ignorant they claim to be, have the desire to do so, the desire to experience a world of pain or pleasure. The way he’s portrayed is really good acting on Doug Bradley’s part and the cool and calm way he administers each persons fate is in some ways delightful because mostly each person deserves the fate they are handed. His outfit in the films also does help in adding to his appeal.

9 – The Joker


To begin with, the Joker is attractive because he’s evil for the sake of being evil, just to cause mindless chaos. I know here I’ve chosen a photo of Heath Ledgers joker, but his character (in comic books, and played by Jack Nicholson and also voiced by Mark Hamill in the Batman Arkham games) is perfect but physically Heath Ledgers character is the most attractive. I’ve always found the joker to be funny and his quirky nature is compelling to watch. His violent streak is particularly impressive because no one expects a man dressed in that manner to be so twisted.

8 – Blade


I think the photo says a lot already, still, what isn’t desirable about a guy who slaughters vampires with impressive maneuvers along with guns and swords. Blade is a character who knows that the entire vampire race needs to be put to its end or humanity will end up as their cattle. He’s strong-willed, badass and additionally his eyes are seriously pretty.

7 – Hannibal Lecter


Hannibal Lecter is a classic sociopath, he’s charming, he does things only for personal gain and you see only what he wants you to see in him. But no matter who’s playing him (Anthony Hopkins or most recently, Mads Mikkelsen in the TV series) I can’t help but fall for him completely. He mostly kills the stupid and the rude, which is often hard to fault him for because in all honestly nobody enjoys the company of people like that. His intelligent and polite nature is so enticing that I’m somewhat glad he’s not real as I’m sure I’d fall for his act completely and would surely be another person asking “what kind of meat is this?” at we were gathered around his dinner table.

6 – The Goblin King (Jareth)


Among the fact that it’s David fricking Bowie who plays him and (especially when he was younger) he’s completely flawless, jareth is so appealing because despite his cruel nature he still let Sarah through the maze, he appeared to make it hard for her but she never would have made it if he hadn’t wanted her to. The way he treats the goblins is harsh but amusing and his outfits are over the top but stunning. Musicals usually suck but it’s David Bowie so seeing Jareth sing and dance around is pretty cute.

5 – Derek Vinyard


Edward Norton really bulked up for this role, he went from being pretty skinny to being pretty big. But that’s not the main reason why I find Derek to be attractive, what I find attractive is his change of opinions. He realized that his actions hadn’t ever changed his life in a positive ways and that maybe what he’d been taught to believe wasn’t so, maybe people that he’d spent so long hating weren’t so bad after all. What I also like is the protection and love he has for his family, and how everything he’s ever done is to try to make things better for his struggling family.

4 – Hellboy


He’s rude, smokes cigars and loves cats, what’s not the like about Red? Although he seems like he doesn’t give a shit, Hellboy actually cares a whole lot about what other people think. Paranoid about his horns he files them down to fit in and saves peoples lives without them ever knowing he exists. Despite the fact that’s a demon created to destroy the world I’d say he’s pretty hot.

3 – The Bear Jew 


Sgt. Donny Donowitz, member of the notorious Basterds and a brutal killer of Nazis. Killing nazis with his baseball bat isn’t just his job, it’s something he takes personal pleasure in doing (and who wouldn’t). Adorned with many dog tags of Nazis he executed, he’s completely perfect and is even cute when he fails at being Italian during the cinema scene. His passion for giving out justice to men who committed the most heinous crimes is admirable.

2 – David Van Etten


His calm and relaxed approach to everything gives you the impression he’s been a vampire for a long time. Him and his “brothers” all seem confident but he’s very clearly the leader. Including his perfectly 80’s style that I absolutely adore, the way he so easily charms Michael into doing what he wants is truly fascinating. His smile is so full of certainty and arrogance you can’t help but love it. I definitely wouldn’t mind visiting Santa Carla.

1 – Louis de Pointe du Lac


Louis is a vampire with a human soul. He feels the sorrow and anguish of humanity but he must feed to survive. He’s my favourite character because of his story and his rage towards Lestat for turning him, leaving him in a perpetual state of loneliness by the reason that no one understands his pain. Louis is absolutely beautiful.


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