The Top 10 Worst Video Nasties

The term ‘video nasty’ refers to a list of films (released on home video in earl 1980’s) that were considered to be overtly violent & were heavily criticised by the media & religious groups. A campaign by Mary Whitehouse (religious activist who actually coined the term ‘video nasty’) & backed by newspapers such as the Daily Mail led to the eventual Video Recordings Act 1984.

Of the 72 movies that made the list many have now been re-released uncut or with small amounts cut. This is the top 10 worst of the original nasty list based of the quality of the movie not the controversy…it’s mostly Nazi Exploitation movies!

10 – The Cannibal Man

The Cannibal Man

A man eager to cover up an accidental killing starts killing his loved ones…err, yeah, that’s sensible. Interesting fact, there is not a single moment of cannibalism throughout the movie. It was successfully prosecuted & cut until the mid 90’s. You can find an almost fully uncut version now (missing about 3 seconds).

9 – Night of the Bloody Apes (1969)


A scientist puts a gorilla heart into his dying son transforming him into an ape monster who starts rapping & killing. He is eventually brought to justice by a female wrestler…I’m not joking. The films graphic violence got it on the nasty list but is now fully uncut.

8 – Killer Nun (1978)

Killer Nun

A nunsploitation flick that sees a sister going crazy & getting addicted to drugs because of a rushed recovery from an invasive surgery. She starts having sex with both male & females, becomes cruel & eventually starts murdering people. Initially banned completely it is now uncut.

7 – Women Behind Bars (1975)

Woman Behind Bars

Barely a horror movie, more of a soft-core porn movie. A diamond thief is shot dead by his girlfriend & she is thrown into all woman prison where torture & full frontal nudity is just part of the daily routine. The scenes of genital-electro torture pretty much landed this one on the list & to this day it has never been released in the UK.

6 – Night Train Murders (1975)

Night Train Murders

Also well-known as Late Night Trains, 2 girls making their way home for Christmas are set upon by 2 males & their female accomplice who they’ve only just met. Much sexual assaulting takes place with a plot that is extremely similar to The Last House on the Left. Banned outright when the nasty list went up & has only been released uncut since 2008.

5 – The Beast In Heat (1977)

The Beast in Heat

Often known as SS Hell Camp (catchy), we have a Nazi exploitation were a SS officer creates a mutant beast that likes to torture & rape. The Nazi’s use it on their prisoners & enjoy watching the results. Banned still to this day like most Nazi exploitation movies.

4 – Island of Death (1976)

Island of Death

A young couple go on a killing rampage on a Greek Island. That’s pretty much it…filled to the brim with sex scenes, extremely violent moments & even goat rape. Unsurprisingly it was banned for many years but has been uncut since 2010.

3 – Love Camp 7 (1969)

Love Camp 7

Another Nazi exploitation movie that sees 2 female British officers infiltrating a Nazi prison camp to rescue a prisoner. The inmates are all being forced to have sex with the officers. Cue lots of female frontal & not a lot else. Banned in this country outright with the last attempt in 2002.

2 – Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)

Cannibal A

Shockingly this movie stars the legend that is John Saxon who is a Vietnam vet bitten by a rescued P.O.W. This bite leaves him craving human flesh which he holds back for years…until the rescued P.O.W shows up again. It’s bad…Saxon himself has never watched it. Successfully prosecuted it has been released with just 2 seconds cut out of it.

1 – Gestapo’s Last Orgy (1977)

Gestapo's Last Orgy

Well with a name like that you’re just asking for trouble. Like many Nazi exploitation movies it is set in a prison & sees the guards beating & having their way with the inmates. There is barely a story here & it is infamous for the dinner scene that sees Nazi officers eating stewed Jewish babies. It remains banned in this country & I really don’t see that changing anytime soon.


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