Game Review: Home Alone (SNES)

Not only does a Home Alone game exist,  there were several released across different systems with wildly differing gameplay. Chances are that if you played a Home Alone game back in the day it was the NES version however the SNES version was far superior.

Home Alone 2

Gameplay is very simple as you control Kevin and are tasked with collecting the McCallister’s fortunes across four levels. Explore the house (it’s basically a mansion here), find the items and send them down the chute to the basement. Kevin can only carry a certain number so you’ll have to go back and forth to find them all.

Home Alone 5

Find the level set amount and the key to the basement will appear outside the door allowing you to go down and secure the valuables. This portion of the game is actually the toughest as Kevin has to make his way past rats, bats and ghosts before dealing with a boss. Once defeated Kevin will lock up the valuables in the safe and the level will end.

Home Alone 4

While some items are out in the open most are hidden and you need to check furniture and in every room to find them all. The Wet Bandits are roaming the house though and looking to stop Kevin. He can take three hits before a life is lost, thankfully everything you’d collected to that point stays collected. Only if you lose all your lives does the level need to be restarted.

Home Alone on SNES is simple but quite fun to play. Each level increases in difficulty and strategy is needed when dealing with Harry and Marv. Lead them into traps or just avoid them as best you can. While Kevin does have weapons these are very ineffective on the enemies in the game so mostly pointless.

Home Alone 3

As a movie tie-in there are so many worse ones out there. The bright colours, Christmas music/Home Alone theme and controls make it less of a chore even if it is very short and probably too easy.


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Home Alone
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