Horror Movie Review: An Accidental Zombie Named Ted (2017)

An Accidental Zombie Named Ted is a horror/comedy that was written and directed by Anne Welles, it released on DVD & Blu-Ray in 2018. Ted may look like a zombie but don’t you dare tell him that. According to Ted, it’s just a skin condition he picked up while on his family vacation in the Caribbean.

One day, Ted is at work when a hot vampire arrives at the office. He agrees to attend group therapy for people with strange conditions in the hopes of getting closer to her. After a series of random scenes and events, they get together. Ted decides he wants to introduce her to his family but warns her of their eccentricities. Nothing can prepare her for how strange they really are. All the while, a co-worker shows an obsession over the coveted “worker of the week” award. At the same time, other employees begin to disappear. Then, there is Frank Lee (Kane Hodder) who seems to find the word zombie hilarious for some unknown reason.

Does everything I have written above read like a bunch of random nonsense? Welcome to An Accidental Zombie Named Ted! Honestly, that’s only the tip of iceberg when it comes to this film. I could go into further detail but it will make as much sense as it did to me when I watched. Let me just say, this isn’t a terrible movie. However, it has a lot of problems.

Firstly, it just begins with no introduction or subtlety. It throws you into a world where all of these supernatural beings seemingly exists. Although, it explains nothing. Don’t start thinking about the how’s or why’s because this film simply doesn’t care about those questions. It would rather spend more time on displaying something nonsensical. It goes from one scene to the next with little to no cohesion. Still, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t entertained by some of it. Ted’s family are very wacky but they do manage to get a couple of legitimate laughs. It’s all so over the top that it almost has a so bad, it’s good quality.

I give the actors credit because they are surprisingly good. I mean, better than they needed to be. The material is just so absurd, I admire their ability to make it somewhat work. The plot is so paper thin and devoid of direction. The characters are likeable enough, considering you learn nothing about them at all.

Overall, An Accidental Zombie Named Ted is fascinatingly bad. I even considered turning it off but it dragged me back in with its randomness. I couldn’t look away, unsure of what stupidity would take place if I did. Yes, I was entertained and at the very least, it’s mercifully short.


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An Accidental Zombie Named Ted
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