EP Review: TRC – Lifestyle (Self Released)

Formed all the way back in 2004, TRC rose from the grit of the underground London Hardcore scene with some DIY EPs and full-lengths. They received critical acclaim from the mainstream thanks to their unique Grime/Hardcore crossover.

Now back with their first full EP in over 5 years, Lifestyle will be released on March 30th 2018.


Frontman Chris Robson talks through the tracks:

“We have songs about people constantly waking up late, moaning online and prowling instagram late into the night (‘Moaner’); scroungers not paying for their fish dinner at group meals (‘Scrounger’); and ‘London’s Greatest Love Story (Part II)’ which might feature some of my favourite lyrics ever about girls and music.

‘Take It’ features Nathan from London band Prowler and is rowdy as hell. ‘Same. But Better’ is exactly that.

The last song on the EP ‘Lifestyle’ pretty much sums up how we balance full time careers and remain able to create such wonderful music and smash our live shows and the end part is truly great.”

TRC’s back. The opening words from frontman/singer/shouter Chris Robson. They’re back & with renewed energy to show the modern hardcore crowd how it’s done. With ferocious fire pumping in their veins the band approach hardcore with both bouncy groove & dirty grime on their minds. It makes the likes of Moaner with its crushing breakdowns & spoken-word/rap segments instantly gratifying.

Scrounger is where they really take off though with a furiously heavy attack before London’s Greatest Love Story (Part II) settles things down with a more refined & groove heavy rhythm.

It might only be 6 tracks long but TRC make a hell of a statement with this new EP. Its old-school hardcore vibes hark back to a less imaginative time but it has also got one foot rooted firmly in modern times too. Like a combination of Sick of it All, Hatebreed and Beartooth but with appealing London streets influences.

They’re a wrecking ball & it’s hard not to want to lose your mind to Take It’s brutality and Lifestyles crunching metal goodness.

This is hell of a return for TRC, one that serves as a reminder of their unyielding power while also shaking up the hardcore division nicely!


TRC – Lifestyle Full Track Listing:

1. Moaner
2. Scrounger
3. London’s Greatest Love Story (Part II)
4. Same. But Better.
5. Take It
6. Lifestyle

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The EP will be available via all the usual streaming services including Apple Music below. You can also pick it up via Bandcamp as well as merch! Keep up to date with news via the band’s Facebook Page and on Twitter.


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TRC - Lifestyle (Self Released)
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