Album Review: Augury – Illusive Golden Age (The Artisan Era)

The third full-length from Canadian Progressive Death Metal legends Augury will be released through The Artisan Era. The Montreal based group has been active since 2002, and to date, have previously released two full-lengths (2004’s Concealed on Galy Records & 2009’s Fragmentary Evidence on Nuclear Blast Records). Illusive Golden Age is out on March 30th 2018.

Augury had the following to say about Illusive Golden Age:

“We’re proud to present you Illusive Golden Age, our new album, which makes the connection musically and lyrically with Concealed and Fragmentary Evidence. It took us quite a long time to concretize so we’re eager to see people’s reaction to our new music. Illusive Golden Age is a poetic tale about the recurrence of downfall and a glance at some factors that bring down societies, influenced by lost civilizations and their enigmas.”

Augury 2

The title track gets things off to a booming and progressive start, instantly throwing out a screeching guitar solo before following up with crushing death-infused roars & growling vocals.

After such a thumping start it’s no surprise that The Living Vault continues the good work with a mix of feral style heaviness & guitar work on par with the technical wizards of the prog world. It’s not just guitar shredding & soloing for the hell of it though. Each track throughout Illusive Golden Age is a fully formed & completing sounding slice of hard & heavy metal. It’s just not as formulaic as you often find in the death metal world.

Carrion Tide is a real barnburner as the cleanish vocals absolutely soar, then there is the the horn-throwing, head-banging wonder that is Maritime. The latter of the two a divine example of just how switched on & relevant Augury sound.

Things wrap up with the short instrumental blast of Message Sonore, the aural assault of Parallel Biospheres (the heaviest track on the album) and the untamed proggy rhythm of Anchorite.

At no stage will Illusive Golden Age bore. It’s inventive from beginning to end and it’s the kind of album you’ll be telling everyone about excitedly. Don’t miss out.



Augury 1

Augury – Illusive Golden Age Full Track Listing:

1. Illusive Golden Age
2. The Living Vault
3. Carrion Tide
4. Mater Dolorosa
5. Maritime
6. Message Sonore
7. Parallel Biospheres
8. Anchorite

You can order the album in a number of formats and packages here as well as here on Bandcamp. Find out more about Augury via their website, Facebook and watch some of their videos on YouTube.

Augury - Illusive Golden Age (The Artisan Era)
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