EP Review: Helslave – Divination (Black Market Metal Label)

Due to be released on June 23rd 2017, Divination is the new EP from Swedish death metal band, Helslave.

Helslave 1

16 minutes of pure disgust & hatred, pure bile flowing out of a band filled with rage & wanting the metal world to know it.

16 minutes of glorious, fast-paced death metal that is all about opening up the biggest circle pit going & just losing yourself to the intensity.

Opening song Summoning the Eternal Eclipse comes screaming out of the gate. 4 minutes of a non-stop assault, it feels personal & the ferocity in the drumming, vocals & riffing just sells that perfectly.

Helslave may not be doing much in the way of different but the songs are beautifully structured & the production allows every element to be heard clearly. The break-neck tempo continues on Lord of Lies before a slower, more methodical pace takes over on The Spawn of Astaroth. It’s still crushingly heavy but the pace change gives just enough room to breathe. It gives just enough time to collect your thoughts before Desecration is unleashed.

Ending exactly as it begun & by making as much noise as possible, Helslave have dropped a banger of an EP here. As building anticipation for a new album goes they have done a fantastic job. One of the best EP releases of the year.

Helslave 2

Helslave – Divination Full Track Listing:

1. Summoning the Eternal Eclipse
2. Lord of Lies
3. The Spawn of Astaroth
4. Desecration

You can order the EP now over on BigCartel & via Bandcamp. Check out Helslave over on Facebook & YouTube.

Helslave - Divination (Black Market Metal Label)
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