The Disc’s Top 50 Albums of 2017 – Part 2 (25 – 1)

What an amazing year it has been for the rock & metal genre of music. Such an incredible amount of great albums, so many that making a top 50 list has proven to be the hardest so far in the history of GBHBL.

This list has been whittled down from 146 albums. 146 albums that scored 9 or higher on the site. While the scores have been taken into account when compiling this list, we have a mix of writers with differing opinions so this top list is The Disc’s personal 50 best albums of the year – part 2 (25 – 1).

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25. Timeworm – Venomous High

Top 50 27

The album has got such an effective sound, no ambient noise or darkened effect is thrown in unnecessarily. It’s all there for a reason & it enhances the glorious sludgy style. Venomous High is an album that isn’t lacking in any department.

One of the best sludge metal releases of the year.

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24. Crafteon – Cosmic Reawakening

Top 50 28

The darkness flows like water on the meaty sound of Cosmic Reawakening. An oppressive black metal album that adds plenty of rhythm & melody to the evil on show. The blasting heat of molten metal is a great accompaniment to the fantastical works of Lovecraft.

The guitar work throughout Cosmic Reawakening is simply sublime, backed up by bone-crunching beats & hooks all while vocalist Lord Mordiggian howls like a demonic force.

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23. Oracle – Beyond Omega

Top 50 29

Oracle know how to bring the noise but still make their music so compelling to listen too. Be it the complexity of the riffs, the massive hooks, the blasting drum beats or the pissed off vocal work. This is metal that demands every moment of your attention.

One of the best groove metal releases of 2017.

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22. Dynfari – The Four Doors of the Mind

Top 50 30

It’s a hell of an idea & a hell of a result. An album filled with atmospheric black metal sounds mixed with more traditional instruments (flute, accordion etc). It’s a sombre listen but one filled with imagination & it will leave you feeling inspired.

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21. Upcdownc – I, Awake

Top 50 31

It’s very hard to describe I, Awake because of just how many different styles are showcased. It has got groove, it’s hard & heavy, it’s layered with melody, it’s progressive as hell, it’s got serious swampy sludge but it all equals to a fantastic album.

An incredibly imaginative effort from Upcdownc. One that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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20. Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis

Top 50 32

Psychosis, the album, is near faultless. Mixing fast and furious metal with a feeling of nostalgia around the old Sepultura sound. The drums, guitars and vocals – everything is just married together to perform a ruthless assault on your body and mind. It is one of the best musical releases this year.

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19. King Goat – Conduit

Top 50 33

King Goat are a welcome shot of excitement within the doom genre. Eschewing the expected gruffness for a smoother & more listenable style. There is no getting away from the obvious…King Goat are great & Conduit is simply stunning.

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18. Cadaver Disposal – Transformatio Mundi

Top 50 34

A fascinating tale backs up the intense & brutal assault of metal that exists throughout. 57 minutes of non-stop fury but filled with all manner of wondrous hooks. There isn’t a bad song on Transformatio Mundi.

Killer riffs, hyper-aggressive drum beats & vocals dipped in fire. What makes Transformatio Mundi standout from the Death Metal pack is just how rhythmically challenging it is. There are no formulaic moments here, each song offering something unexpected.

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17. Xanthochroid – Of Erthe and Axen: Act I

Top 50 35

While listening to this album the word ‘epic’ will constantly come to mind & for good reasons. Of Erthe and Axe: Act I is the embodiment of it musically. Every time you think Xanthochroid can’t top themselves they end up doing it with ease.

An incredible experience that leaves you chomping for more.

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16. Hate Moon – The Imprisoning War

Top 50 36

Historical & fantastical, this is an album filled with the epic sound of symphonic black metal. The Imprisoning War is a celebration of the members’ Norse-Gael culture. It’s noticeable just how far forward the symphonic elements are, not so much sitting the background but running alongside the furious black metal.

An album that can proudly call itself one of the best symphonic black metal releases of the year.

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15. The Dissident Youth – The Dissident Youth

Top 50 37

An album that delivers hard & heavy intensity but has plenty of imaginative elements that make it stand out as more than just another heavy metal release.

This self-titled release from The Dissident Youth is so satisfying. An album that doesn’t confine itself to one area of metal resulting in a very complete sounding record.

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14. Coraxo – Sol

Top 50 38

While what Coraxo play is a familiar style of melody driven death metal with thumping riffs & ferocious speed. What makes their sound that little bit different is the use of sci-fi sounding synth & a wild level of experimentation.

The meat of the bones might have all the melodic death metal you can eat but it’s these extra touches that add more excitement to Sol.

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13. zhOra – Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Top 50 39

A concept album surrounding past lives & cannibalism, zhOra are looking to leave a deep impression on the listener. Rhythmic sludgy doom beats, heavy riffing, booming gruff vocals & a just a touch of melody ensures that impression is well & truly left.

zhOra bring such pain, destruction & beauty with Ethos, Pathos, Logos. An album that will stay with you long afterwards.

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12. Ghostly Times – When All That’s Left Is Grey

Top 50 40

With the first opening melodic tones, post-rock fans will instantly feel at home. Soft, sorrowful vocals with a nice hard-rocking vibe all with a bit of the Deftones about it. Ghostly Times know their melody.

A simply sublime album that words can barely describe. The definition of beautiful music.

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11. Märvel – At The Sunshine Factory

Top 50 41

An album full of ear-pleasing rock & roll melodies. It’s really amazing just how much of a step forward this is for Märvel. This is a band that can write catchy, finger-snapping, foot thumping riffs in their sleep.

Märvel have really outdone themselves here. Arguably the best rock & roll release of 2017, there isn’t a bad song on At the Sunshine Factory.

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10. Ghost Bath – Starmourner

Top 50 53


A journey that is filled with so many great riffs, so much great melody, such emotional roars & screams…just so many great songs. 12 songs long & coming in at a whopping 71 minutes. The Minot, North Dakota band take the listener on an epic journey through the celestial skies.

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9. Violet Cold – Anomie

Top 50 43

Anomie is one of the best albums of 2017, it’s simply a masterpiece of atmospheric black metal that focuses heavily on uplifting but sorrowful melodic moments. You’d be a fool to miss out on this.

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8. Dyscarnate – With All Their Might

Top 50 44

Eight tracks of unadulterated fury, this album is quite something. Sometimes you just want an album that you can literally lose your mind too. That’s crushingly heavy & groove-laden but doesn’t over complicate things. Step forward, Dyscarnate.

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7. Vulpus – Certitude

Top 50 45

This is an album that gets the hair on the body standing up. Very heavy but with lots of rhythm. Vulpus aren’t content with keeping themselves boxed in. You’re never quite able to relax into the album, something always changes but in a positive way.

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6. Syn Ze Sase Tri – Zaul Mos

Top 50 46

Two words, intensity & beauty is the perfect summation of this entire album. Brutal blackened alongside emotionally draining melody, there is a clear intention to surprise & inspire.

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5. Carach Angren – Dance and Laugh amongst the Rotten

Top 50 47

A heavy & brutal album that leaves you with a sense of wonder. It’s evil sounding but with a magical touch that sticks with you long afterwards.

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4. Thormesis – Trümmerfarben

Top 50 48

There isn’t an average song throughout its 48 minute run. Song after song puts a big smile on your face. Song after song is filled with heavy riffs, up-lifting melodic moments & a real feel of being on a journey with Thormesis. You’ll be breathless by the end.

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3. Krepuskul – Hybrid

Top 50 49

Krepuskul don’t take the words experimental metal lightly. When they say they’re doing inventive stuff they mean it. Hybrid is simply one of the best metal releases of the year. Hear this album, you won’t be disappointed.

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2. Dustland Express – The Question, Sir, is Why?

Top 50 50

In a year of great music that required bands to really step up & deliver something unique to stand out, Dustland Express did just that.

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1. Ungraved Apparition – PULSE_0

Top 50 51

Ungraved Apparition play dark, heavy music with uplifting melodic moments . There is no denying that melodic metal can start to sound samey & many a band struggle to maintain quality throughout. Ungraved Apparition are not one of those bands. A lot of why PULSE_0 sounds so incredible are the short intros to each track. The sounds of screams & people in pain helps builds atmosphere that flows perfectly into the songs.

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