Demo Review: A Vintage Death – Acrid Death Fragrance (Self Released)

A Vintage Death is a one-man blackened death/doom metal band from Italy. Founded by Carmine d’Anniblae, the fundamental themes of the band are death with its nuances and the eternal rest of the soul. The debut EP ‘Acrid Death Fragrance’ is out now.

Vintage Death 1

As much a demo, the raw sound to the guitars only serves to heighten the oppressive smell that Acrid Death Fragrance gives off. Opening with booming heaviness that cuts through the mind matter like a hot knife through butter. The doomy elements play well with the underlying blackness of the rhythm. A lot of this can be attributed to the vocals that sit right at the back, barely visible but ever present.

The force of A Vintage Death’s noise pushes harder and harder in a strong attempt to break wills as Gloomy Tombs and Ominous Dream crash around.



The highlight of the Demo/EP comes from the latter when it takes an abrupt turn. The heaviness of the blackened death disappearing. To be replaced by uncomfortable melody before the screech of guitars build back up for a crushing finale of doominess. All kinds of good.

A Vintage Death isn’t done yet though as the title track really shows off a much more dreamy style with a slow and measured approach. This is an impressive track and an excellent way to close out the heavy portion of the record, as Lume is an atmospheric finish.

An impressive debut.

Vintage Death 2

A Vintage Death – Acrid Death Fragrance Full Track Listing:

1. When the Spirit Smells his Corpse
2. Gloomy Tombs
3. Ominous Dream
4. Acrid Death Fragrance
5. Lume



You can pick up the demo/EP now over on Bandcamp, stream via Spotify and find out more on Facebook.

A Vintage Death - Acrid Death Fragrance (Self Released)
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