Album Review: STÖNER – Stoners Rule (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Rad stays rad. A few ideas are timeless. STÖNER is Brant Bjork (guitar/vocals), Nick Oliveri (bass/vocals) and Ryan Gut (drums), and from flowing jams to all-out punker blasts, they know what they’re doing. It ain’t anybody’s first time at the dance, and you don’t call your band Stöner if you’ve never heard the word before.

The group’s debut album, Stoners Rule will be released on June 25th, 2021.

If you witnessed STÖNER’s wicked set as part of the ‘Live in the Mojave Desert’ series earlier this year, you’ll be quite familiar with this album already. You’ll also be well aware of just how good STÖNER’s brand of psych, stoner, proto rock and retro noise is.

Stuff that is super chilled, fuzzy and psychedelia but super groovy too. It’s all of that and more that makes the rhythm of Rad Stays Rad so delicious. Shit don’t change indeed but who wants it to when it sounds so damn good. The bass playing of Oliveri is so strong, the sultry vocals and riff magic of Bjork is exceptional and Gut shores everything up with his drumming power.

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The Older Kids is the threesome kicking back and rocking out that bit harder. A nice burst of catchy energy to set things up for Own Yer Blues. Where STÖNER get laid back as all hell, with bluesy and psychedelic rhythm. At first, liable to lull you to sleep but developing into a deeper and richer effort as it reaches its apex. Which makes the heavier fuzz of Nothin’ seem less thick-headed and the higher tempo rock and roll hit of Evel Never Dies even more fun. STÖNER proving that the threesome has incredible chemistry and are able to stand out amongst each individual’s other musical work.

The latter part of the album is the culmination of the differing elements the band portrays. Stand Down, a heady blend of psychedelic beats and desert rock groove. Tribe/Fly Girl, a 13+ minute trip into the colourful ether where stoner rules and shit don’t change but we love it still.

STÖNER – Stoner Rules Full Track Listing:

1. Rad Stays Rad
2. The Older Kids
3. Own Yer Blues
4. Nothin’
5. Evel Never Dies
6. Stand Down
7. Tribe/Fly Girl


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STÖNER - Stoners Rule (Heavy Psych Sounds)
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