Album Review: Extrema – Headbanging Forever (Rockshots Records/Universal)

Long-running Italian groove thrash metallers Extrema are going to release their seventh studio album, “Headbanging Forever”, on May 10th 2019 via Rockshots Records/Universal Music.

Guitarist Tommy Massara comments:

“It’s a 100% Metal Album that leaves the listeners breathless. The songs are well balanced, there’s a lot of double bass, tempo changes and screaming lead guitar solos like in the old days. The songwriting of the album reminds of something classic with a modern production.”

Extrema 2

Headbanging Forever…that’s a title we can get behind. Although had Extrema called it Thrashing Forever, it would still have been a very apt title.

Extrema’s Headbanging Forever is an unapologetic thrash metal album with elements from what we call ‘traditional heavy metal’ and a little more groove thrown in for good measures. It’s a familiar yet still exciting listen as the Italian metallers play out of their skin. Seriously, the absolutely insane speed of The Call, Borders of Fire and For the Loved and the Lost will get the nod of approval even before the huge riffing and soloing even comes into play.

We have to praise the drumming throughout the album. They are on another level when it comes to delivering a hefty and heavy experience. Everything takes a backseat to the pounding they met out.

Don’t let that statement leave you thinking the rest of the instruments are lacking though. Without the bestial style of riffing and clean but slightly scratchy vocals, we wouldn’t have quality Pitch Black Eyes or the shredding intensity of the title track.

As you can probably tell, we quite like this album. On the one hand it’s very straight-forward but on the other, it’s got enough differences to make this more then just another thrash tribute album. We’ve had plenty of them already.

Don’t believe us? Check out the hair-flinging and horn-throwing Believer, a track that has a wicked amount of groove mixed in with uncompromising thrash wildness. Or the deeper and darker, Paralyzed. A track that is all kinds of intense.

However, if what you’re after is just thrash being as thrash as it can be then Headbanging Forever more then provides. The final track, The Showdown is as traditional as you’ll get on this record and is a hyper head-banging way to close things out.

Extrema 1

Extrema – Headbanging Forever Full Track Listing:

1. The Call
2. Borders Of Fire
3. For The Loved And The Lost
4. Heaven’s Blind
5. Pitch Black Eyes
6. Headbanging Forever
7. Believer
8. Invisible
9. Paralyzed
10. The Showdown

The album can be ordered via Rockshot Records here. Find out more via Extrema’s website, Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram. Also check out their videos over on YouTube.

Extrema - Headbanging Forever (Rockshots Records/Universal)
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