Horror Movie Review: The Killer Eye (1999)

A horror about a killer eyeball from another dimension, one that is a little bit horny? Why not? We’ve seen pretty much everything else! Released in 1999 and directed by David DeCoteau, although he tried to hide his involvement by going under the pseudonym of Richard Chasen.

The Killer Eye introduces us to Dr. Jordan Grady (Jonathan Norman) who is your standard mad scientist. He is conducting an experiment to try and see into the eighth dimension but not willing to test his eye drug on himself. So, he picks up a kid on the street and uses him in the experiment.

Killer Eye 5

Dr. Grady administers the eye drops but then gets into a really awkward argument with his wife, Rita (Jacqueline Lovell). She is feeling neglected and expresses this by complaining about how little he has sex with her. Meanwhile the street lad’s eye has become itchy leading to it popping out of his head. It turns out that his eye has now been possessed!

It ‘runs’ away before Dr. Grady can see what happened and when Rita leaves to go have sex with her neighbours, he finds the dead body of the boy. He realises that the missing eye has been possessed by a creature from the eighth dimension and forces his employee, Morton (Costas Koromilas) to help him.

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What the pair don’t know is that the eye has grown to a huge size and is on a mission to rape and impregnate any woman it comes across. A cheesy idea with a pretty dark plot line…why on earth did we have to have the ‘rape’ subplot? Couldn’t it just have been a killer eye? It’s creepy and not fun at all.

Killer Eye 4

Ignoring that, The Killer Eye is hardly a decent movie. We have many a suspect performance from the cast. Horribly done ‘normal’ sex scenes where the actors are more awkward then the viewer and effects that are borderline cartoony. While credit can be given for the practical effects on show, they don’t look good. The eye in particular looks like pretty rough.

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It’s par for the course for a Full Moon Pictures movie but doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the Puppet Master franchise.


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The Killer Eye
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