Album Review: Duskwood – The Last Voyage (Ripple Music)

Duskwood, the UK-based desert/stoner rock band are back with part 3 of their Nomads Saga. Called ‘The Last Voyage’ and following on from Part 1 – The Long Dark, released on 20/04/2019 & Part 2 – The Lost Tales released on 28/02/2020, it will be released on May 12th, 2023 via Ripple Music.

The album continues the story of a Space Cowboy who travels alone through space and time, observing and documenting large planets, lifeforms and structures. This particular album ends the characters story arc, being chased through time by an unknown force, his demise and the legacy he leaves.

It’s been a great journey so far for Duskwood’s Space Cowboy and with The Last Voyage, they give him a thoroughly satisfying send-off.

Beginning with spacey synth that sets the teeth on edge, Duskwood up the ante with an energetic explosion of desert-infused groove on Vagrant. The development of this band is astounding and this track is the proof.

The riffs just keep on coming as Gammon Lord sees Duskwood sounding a bit more chill at first, before coming at the listener with fists absolutely flying. The group sound particularly heavy here with some soaring vocals and even a huge sounding guitar solo.



Followed then by something a bit more straight-forward when it comes to groove and being chorus-driven with the head-banger that is She Calls. One of the most animated tracks on the entire album. Before Blackhand takes us up to the halfway point with deep and moody guitar tones and crushing drum beats. Another absolute banger, especially when it reaches such a heavy cacophony in the chorus.

The best music from Duskwood to date? It certainly feels like a creative high for the group and as Iliad and Skyriders continue to show, they have stoner and desert groove running through their veins.

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Though it is always so pleasing to hear them push their imaginations even further and Deathproof is one of two great examples of that. The other being the huge finale of Legacy, but before that, Duskwood deliver heightened drama and some of their heaviest riffs so far. Although, the bassy thrums and the ‘stretched to breaking point’ vocal highs are what truly stand out.

Then there is the aforementioned Legacy, a track that passes the nine-minute mark and wraps up this story in epic, unnerving, emotive, and energised fashion. All while having the body-shaking, soul-searching, and neck-aching elements of Duskwood front and centre.

The Space Cowboy tale may be over but The Last Voyage is an album that you will be listening to again and again as the year goes on. It’s that damn good. It’s an album of the year contender.

Duskwood – The Last Voyage Track Listing:

1. Vagrant
2. Gammon Lord
3. She Calls
4. Blackhand
5. Iliad
6. Skyriders
7. Deathproof
8. Legacy


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Duskwood - The Last Voyage (Ripple Music)
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