Album Review: Deadline – Vitriol Inc (Self Released)

Deadline, the pioneers of the ‘New Wave of South African Heavy Metal’ are back with their 3rd album ‘Vitriol Inc’, out on the 5th of May.

The build to this album has seen Deadline release banger single after banger single. We’ve enjoyed each one we’ve heard. From the title track that sees the band pay tribute to the classic days of heavy metal but put their stamp on the sound. All while infusing thrashiness and speed into the experience.

To the 80’s infused-power metal hit that is Cult of Prometheus. A track that sees Deadline hitting screaming instrumental highs, delivering crunchy head-banging lows, and wrapping it all up in a speedy, circle-pit inducing way. To the epic and ambitious My Sweet Apocalypse, a track that sees Deadline deliver wonderful melody, grandiose vocals, wicked metal groove, blistering guitar soloing, and thumping drum beats.

We have spoken highly of Deadline up to this point, but what about the rest of the album?

It’s a banger. Of course, it is. Deadline are on fire and every single track on this album delivers head-banging gold and a delightful amount of catchiness. From the kickass intro of Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, a track that sets the senses alight with synth. To the manic energy of Synthetic Illusions, the heavy head-banging driving riffs of Codebreaker, and the inspiring fist-pumping metal groove of Ghost of Kyiv. Each track as exciting, interesting, and powerful as the other.

Are Deadline metal’s best kept secret?

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Case in point, the melodious Exhale that is every bit the power metal ballad most would hope it to be. A super showcase of the vocals. Followed by the blood-pumping and dynamic energy of Devil in Disguise. A track that comes along to crack some skulls and cause some serious neck ache. Before this excellent album wraps up with one last meaty metal effort in the form of Monuments. Deadline ending things in substantial fashion and ensuring that Vitriol will last long in the memory.

Deadline – Vitriol Inc Track Listing:

1. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
2. Vitriol
3. Cult Of Prometheus
4. Synthetic Illusions
5. My Sweet Apocalypse
6. Codebreaker
7. Ghost Of Kyiv
8. Exhale
9. Devil In Disguise
10. Monuments


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Deadline - Vitriol Inc (Self Released)
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