EP Review: Krooked Tongue – Deathproof (Self Released)

Bristol-based rock trio Krooked Tongue will release their second studio EP, Deathproof, on May 5th, 2023.

We’ve had plenty of tasters from this EP so far, which has pretty much confirmed that the rock trio that is Krooked Tongue have a banger on their hands. Back in November 2022, Lupines showcased a mood-altering and strange sound. Where the word ‘psychedelic’ is so prominent, yet the trippy nature of the melody is given an injection of catchy rockiness.

This was followed by Velociraptor in February 2023, a track that blew us away with its effortlessly fun, extremely groovy, stupidly danceable, and rocking as all hell makeup. A track with delightfully infectious riffs, super-chilled vocals, and plenty of ‘oomph’.



Both songs feature on this new EP and pretty much make it a must listen. However, neither Backseat Theory nor the title track should be overlooked. The former is an eager example of Krooked Tongue’s massive melodic anthemic style. Whereas the latter is a little playful, filled with passion, and has such a great chorus. Both as good as the previous singles we’d heard and helping make this an unmissable EP.

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Krooked Tongue – Deathproof Track Listing:

1. Backseat Theory
2. Velociraptor
3. Lupines
4. Deathproof


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Krooked Tongue - Deathproof (Self Released)
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