Album Review: Create A Kill – Summoned to Rise (Redefining Darkness Records/Raw Skull Records)

Create a Kill are made up of two of extreme metal’s heaviest hitters (literally), Gus Rios & Alex Marquez. Paying homage to the forefathers of thrash, specifically those that would help shape the birth of Death Metal, ala Slayer, Sodom, Possessed, Kreator, and Dark Angel. In addition to Matt Harvey, Gus also enlisted some good friends to round out the album. Tobias Gustaffson (Vomitory, Cut Up, Amon Amarth) Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork) and Daniel Gonzalez (guest solos)!

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Redefining Darkness Records in conspiracy with Raw Skull Recordz will release Summoned to Rise. Which will include a previously unreleased track and tribute to fallen Malevolent Creation vocalist, Bret Hoffman. The album is out on the 21st December 2018.

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Blending early thrash metal with the intensity of death metal, Create Kill’s new album is a raging eleven-track album that summons the demons of anger and hate to deliver a pulverising listen. There is no escaping the similarities between early Slayer, Kreator and the likes when you hear the opener, Create a Kill and the following Cold Blooded. That being said, this is still a deep and broodingly heavy listen that hits plenty of the right spots for those who enjoy their metal more extreme.

Decimate, Premeditated, Praise the Beast…it’s track after track of head-banging gold that demands nothing more then for you to lose you mind to the intensity. Something even the most stony-hearted metal fan will struggle not to do.



It’s not surprise that with such an array of talent, what really stands out throughout Summoned to Rise is the guitars. No matter if it’s solid riffs, high-pitched solos that erupt from nowhere or just deep and dark rhythm, they are the star. As Reap the Whirlwind and Show of Force has little issue showcasing.

Special enough to make this one to be remembered even if it’s not going to set the metal world alight.

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Create a Kill – Summoned to Rise Full Track Listing:

1. Create A Kill
2. Cold Blooded
3. Crave the Blade
4. Decimate
5. Premeditated
6. Gauntlet of Pain
7. Praise the Beast
8. Reap the Whirlwind
9. The Sow is Mine
10. Show of Force
11. Flesh, Blood, and Stone

The album is available now on all major streaming sites minus the bonus material. The new release can be ordered here (North America) and here (Europe/UK).


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Create A Kill - Summoned to Rise (Redefining Darkness Records/Raw Skull Records)
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