Live Blu-Ray Review: Skálmöld – 10 Year Anniversary – Live in Reykjavík (Napalm Records)

Has it only been 10 years?

It feels so much longer, such is the lasting impact that Skálmöld has had on the metal scene. A band that begun in 2009 and have captured the imagination of head-bangers around the world. No-where more so then their hometown of Reykjavík, Iceland. Where the band played three sold-out shows at the Gamla Bíó, of which those who were not in attendance now get to experience.

Titled 10 Year Anniversary – Live In Reykjavík, the live album was released on September 25th 2020 on CD, DVD & Blu-Ray via Napalm Records.

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Speaking about the live album, the band said:

In late 2009 we started Skálmöld. Nothing serious. Was just supposed for the pure fun of meeting up once in a while to play some metal music. Fast forward 10 years and we are celebrating the release of 10 Years of Skálmöld – Live in Reykjavík. Recorded in the heart of Iceland’s capital at one of our three amazing sold out shows. Here is Skálmöld in its purest form – on stage, feeding on the energy of our beloved fans. We feel really proud and happy to present this to you. Enjoy!

This is a celebration and what a happy event it is to witness. The only regretful thing about watching this show is the fact that we weren’t there to enjoy it in person. Trawling through their back-catalogue, this show comes in at nearly 110 minutes and has the folk metallers throwing out 16 tracks. Some of which have been rarely played live.

The sound is immense, so much so that you could mistake this at times for being a studio album. Such is the quality of the production. However, just as importantly, the crowd noise isn’t buried. The heaving throngs of fans are in full voice, singing along at every opportunity and adding an extra layer to the always impressive vocals. It is also so warming to see so many smiling faces. Iceland loves Skálmöld as much as the rest of the world does.

There’s a ton of emotion to this show. Something that the added bonus documentary really nails. Here, we get to hear from fans of the band explaining just why they love them so much. Not only that we get to hear from Skálmöld tour partners and friends, Finntroll and of course, the band themselves.

Filmed in the runup to their hiatus, the band share their thoughts and feelings. Explaining that it isn’t goodbye, just see you later. This decision was clearly very emotional for some members and it can make for a heart-wrenching watch. Even if this is still very much a celebration of what Skálmöld have accomplished over the last decade.

One of the best modern live albums heard in some time.

Skálmöld – 10 Year Anniversary – Live in Reykjavík Full Track Listing:

1. Heima
2. Árás
3. Að hausti
4. Fenrisúlfur
5. Narfi
6. Miðgarðsormur
7. Niflheimur
8. Með fuglum
9. Mara
10. Móri
11. Niðavellir
12. Að vetri
13. Dauði
14. Gleipnir
15. Með jötnum
16. Kvaðning


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