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The argument about if games should be considered a form of art has been raging on for a while & will continue for a long time yet. I only mention it because if there is ever a game that is deserving of being considered a work of art, it is Limbo.

Limbo 1

From the start visually, you know you’re in for a treat. In black & white throughout using incredible lighting, effects & eerie sounds to create a memorable atmosphere & haunting environment that will stick with you for a long time afterwards.

The games story is basic, you are a boy with no name who wakes up in a mysterious forest & begins looking for his missing sister.

Limbo 2

A 2-D side-scrolling platformer, Limbo relies on its punishing puzzles & infamous ‘trial & death’ approach to keep you hooked. In control of the boy you can move left or right, jump, push & pull objects, climb up short ledges, ladders & ropes.

These basic skills are all you have to overcome the many hazards that await the boy on his journey a lot of which are trap based. They call it ‘trial & death’ because you’ll die…a lot. Checkpoints are placed throughout so each death is less of a punishment & more of an opportunity to see where you went wrong.

Limbo 3

The games difficulty is well-balanced increasing the hazards & complexity of the puzzles the further you progress. Some of the wonder is lost though in the latter half of the game opting for more mechanical factory style setting & related puzzles. It’s not as interesting as the early sections that had a much more haunting feel to them.

Limbo 4

Limbo, for all the praise it gets does have some major flaws. It’s very short & for the price it’s arguable if you’re getting value for money. Add in a basic story that doesn’t resolve itself in anyway & it’s easy to see why the game isn’t going to be for everyone.

The controls work very well with a simple touch left or right moving the boy in the required direction. Swipe up or diagonally left/right to jump while holding your finger down on the screen will see him grab things if need be. It’s mostly un-obstructive but those using smaller screens may struggle to see much of the detail.

Limbo 5

Limbo is a gorgeous looking game that builds a great atmosphere & uses ambient sounds & lighting to great effect. Let down only by a lack of a proper story & the length, this is still a game most should experience.

Limbo 6


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  • I played the demo for Limbo but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it ^^. Nice succinct review though!


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