Album Review: Hexvessel – Kindred (Svart Records)

Roughly a year since the release of their strong album, All Tree, the self-styled ‘psychedelic forest folk’ band, Hexvessel return with a brand new album entitled ‘Kindred’. Out on April 17th 2020 via Svart Records.

Bringing the ethereal and psychedelic to the forefront from the very moment Kindred begins. The blues-laden psych rock and progressive style is provocative stuff. The oddness encapsulating exactly what Hexvessel say they are and then some.

Across 10 tracks, the psych-woodland masters showcase a wide array of strange and intriguing moments. The varying vocalists, the use of classical instruments (violin, piano, trumpet to name just a few) and the easing between bluesy rock and relaxing melodies makes for a thought-provoking listen.

All credit to Hexvessel, they absolutely embody the sound of deep and mysterious forests. The sharp smell of pine, the sunlight occasionally dappling through the thickness of the trees and the likes of Demian, Family and Kindred Moon as your guide.

When they do go a little darker, the clouds spreading over the sky, it’s still delivered in their unimaginably mellow way. Bog Bodies dripping in shady atmosphere, Sic Luceat Lux’s off-tone sound and Joy of Sacrifice’s exhaustive and heavy steps.

Once again, this is an album that is steeped in fascinating uniqueness. One that carefully straddles the line between genius and madness. Hexvessel’s approach is not something that can be rushed, it’s something designed to wrap around the mind like a cocoon. Settle down and give Kindred the time it needs and the time it deserves.

Hexvessel – Kindred Full Track Listing:

1. Billion Year Old Being
2. Demian
3. Fire Of the Mind
4. Bog Bodies
5. Sic Luceat Lux
6. Phaedra
7. Family
8. Kindred Moon
9. Magical and Damned
10. Joy of Sacrifice




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Hexvessel - Kindred (Svart Records)
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