EP Review – Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low by To Kill Achilles (Arising Empire)

Scottish post hardcore/metalcore band, To Kill Achilles released a new EP called Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low on the 16th October via Arising Empire.

Oh God, I’ve Never Felt So Low is actually a collection of singles released throughout  2020 with only the title track being a brand new release.

The Dundee formed band have tried to make themselves stand out in the genre by focusing more on “message” than genre defined style. That generally means that any and all influences make their way into the bands releases from metal to pop to ambient. Everything is welcome as long as it adds to the message of each song.

To Kill Achilles are a five piece with Mark Tindal on vocals, Marc Sharp and Shaun Lawrence on guitars, Matthew Tippet on bass and Kieran Smith on drums.

To Kill Achilles Oh God I've Never Felt So Low

Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low comes with 4 tracks on it and opens with the title track. For fans of To Kill Achilles, you not what to expect and this isn’t a new direction for the band. Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low is a deep and emotive track that uses vocalist Mark Tindal’s powerful rasping tones to great effect. The guitars create a nice bed of melody as the drum and bass add depth and power on a track that cuts deep. With lyrics that will resonate with many, the vocals are delivered like a passionate reading of a last letter. As the instruments jump in and out at different levels and speeds, well, you have to be impressed.

21:36 is the name of the second track and while the melodic post hardcore vibe is still there in the emotional delivery of the music, it still shows the band explore with an intro that is pure heavy metal. A chunky riff and rolling drum beat should get heads and feet moving. The vocals are quick and punchy but the bassy riff owns this track. It’s a banger. I love the comeback from the little slow down in the middle, hair raising stuff.

Venom is next up and changes things up a little again. The drums in the intro are brilliant and they blend beautifully with the lead guitar melody. The vocals hit new levels of anger and frustration as the band vent about mental health issues in a punchy and poignant song. The choruses are insanely catchy and the almost subdued guitar melody is fire.

We close Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low with another emotionally charged with the song Beautiful Mourning. Its hard not to connect with the grief and honesty on this song as To Kill Achilles sing about the loss of a mother at a young age. The feelings of desolation and confusion are portrayed powerfully and passionately in a song that brings a tear to your eye as Tindal roars “bring her back to me”. The emotional content is backed superbly by punchy drums and introspective lead guitar melody for full effect.

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Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low is intense, interesting and emotional to listen to. It makes you think, makes you feel and reflect. Any release that has such a profound effect on your emotional state deserves high praise. It’s a fine example of the genre and is well worth dedicating some time to. Just don’t expect to feel particularly positive afterwards.

Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low is out now and can be downloaded at all the usual streaming platforms. Grab a copy from here.

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Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low by To Kill Achilles (Arising Empire)
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