Horror Movie Review: Vengeance of the Leprechaun (2020)

Vengeance of the Leprechaun aka The Leprechaun’s Game aka Vengeance of the Leprechaun’s Gold has the distinct honour of being one of a handful of movies to be given a coveted rating on this website. The honour of being given a 0/10 and considered to be one of the worst movies we have ever seen.

Directed by Louisa Warren who wrote it with Shannon Holiday, this horrid movie stars Bao Tieu, Daniel Sawicki and Marcus Brooks-Henderson.

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A bunch of thieves are hired by a rich businessman to steal something for him. Something that is said not to exist. He wants a Leprechaun’s pot of gold and knows it is real because he happens to be a collector of mythical creatures and trinkets.

Of course, our thieves scoff at the idea but money talks and they agree to try and find it. Which they do, with relative ease. Realising that the gold is worth more than they are being paid, they decide to keep it and spilt it amongst themselves.

Unfortunately for these thieves, a Leprechaun doesn’t like this gold being messed with. We all know this, hell they made a franchise out of it. So, not only do they have a vengeful Leprechaun on their tail but the businessman they stiffed is not happy either.

So, let’s talk about the single worst thing about this film. The thing that you can’t un-see or ignore and once seen, ruins any chance the film has of immersing you.

We are, of course, talking about the titular character, the leprechaun.

Firstly, it’s a full-grown man. Have you ever seen a Leprechaun portrayed as anything but a diminutive being? It’s literally part of their lore. If you’re going to get one thing right, it has to be this and this film screws it up hilariously. Oh, the film tries to offer a haphazard explanation as to why this leprechaun isn’t a traditional leprechaun per se. To that we ask this very simple question then. Why call it a leprechaun, dress it in a cheap store leprechaun outfit and have it follow the rules of leprechaun lore?

That’s not just it though as we now come to the make-up and wig-job. Words can’t describe just how bad this thing looks and you’ll have a hard time not laughing every single time he appears to off one of the many bad characters.

Bad characters and even worse acting, this movie looks cheap but somehow feels even cheaper. It’s a chore to get through and the early amusement of how bad the Leprechaun looks diminishes. An absolute shocker of a film. A 0/10 might seem harsh but we simply can’t find any redeeming qualities about this trash.

Vengeance of the Leprechaun (2020)
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