Game Review: Hitman Go (Mobile)

Hitman Go takes everyone’s favourite bald-headed assassin & drops him into a board game. It sounds like something that should fail on every level but is in fact an interesting & fun take on the Hitman franchise.

So the premise is really simple…Agent 47 is one piece on a board that resembles an environment (houses, outside gardens etc.). He can move in along designated tracks & either has to reach a target point or assassinate a specific person.

Hitman Go 1

Levels have a range of obstacles that include varying degrees of enemies that behave in different ways (some move along set paths on the track, others face a certain way). If Agent 47 moves into their field of vision he will be caught & the level restarted.

It’s a much more cerebral affair as you have to plan your moves far in advance so as to not be discovered.

Hitman Go 2

Movement is as simple as swiping in the direction you want to go & the touch screen is very receptive.

Completing objectives will unlock even more levels with even more extremely fiendish puzzles awaiting your attention.

In most levels there are additional objectives to give added replay-ability such as completing a level in a certain number of moves, completing a level with no kills or completing a level where you killed everyone.

Hitman Go 3

The game is great value for money with next to no in-app purchases. You are gifted a set number of hints at the start that when activated show you the path to completion. Should you run out you can buy more at a cost:

£1.49 will get you 5, £2.99 will get you 12 while £10.99 will get you infinite. That last one left me feeling a little cold as it basically guarantees completion of the game with every objective done for a price. I really hope no-one is that stupid…

Hitman Go 4

As enjoyable as the gameplay is it can get repetitive over time & it becomes far too tempting to use a hint when stuck at a particular puzzle for any length of time.

A clever idea for a Hitman game that ticks all the right boxes for a mobile game. It looks nice & controls well with plenty to keep you coming back for more.

Hitman Go 6


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Hitman Go
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