Game Review: 5 Minutes Mr. Evans (Mobile – Free to Play)

5 minutes Mr. Evans sees the famous comic waking up late for his show & needing to get there fast. The player takes control of Lee & has to guide him through 5 levels by jumping, ducking & moving out of the way of obstacles.

This is done by swiping the screen left & right to move Lee to the side, swiping the screen up to make him jump & swiping the screen down to make him duck. To complete a level you have to collect props lying around often in difficult to reach areas.


There are constant obstacles for Lee to dodge ranging from barriers to London buses to dressing room doors opening. As the level progresses Lee will pick up speed & the obstacles will increase in number making it harder to collect the props. Hitting an obstacle will see Lee knocked back into the screen & the level started over.

This might sound a bit harsh in difficulty but the game is extremely short & hardly a challenge. A timer keeps track of how long it has taken you to complete the game & at the end mine was just over 10 minutes.

If you are struggling to get past a tricky section there are power-ups that can be purchased at the cost of stars. Stars are spread about throughout the levels & even if you fail they are kept & added to your total.


The power-ups aid in varying ways…the cheapest being an ice-cream that acts as a star magnet for a short period & the most expensive makes you invincible for a while.

Completing the game & getting Lee Evans to his show unlocks another difficulty that increases his speed, obstacles & the prop requirement. Including the first difficulty there is 3 in total & adds a small bit of replay-ability.

Level 2

The best thing about 5 Minutes is that Lee Evans adds his voice, sound effects & music to the game. Added with the cartoony style of the visuals it makes the game a lot more enjoyable…even if there isn’t much else.

A short & sweet game that doesn’t offer much more then 30 minutes or so of fun. A game using the comic Lee Evans was a nice surprise to find on the App store & as runner games go there are a lot worse.

5 mins


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5 Minutes Mr. Evans
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