Album Review: MROME – Barbaric Values (Self Released)

Polish extreme metal band, MROME are back with a brand-new album called Barbaric Values, out on April 4th, 2022. This is the 3rd album from the band and follows previous releases Leech Ghetto and Noetic Collision on the Roof of Hell.

The album is a concept release. Based upon the moral and ethical conflict between socially imposed conditions and primordial nature of man.



This is not quite the MROME we’ve enjoyed up to this point but it’s also not miles away from the extreme metal the band have produced in the past either. Beginning with a dark industrial heavy beat. Heart of Hearts has an excellent transition into groovier metal and MROME are off and rolling with one hell of a beastly opener.

Inviting Birds follows this with another robust blast of head-banging inducing heaviness. The band showing that their creative juices are still following but the core sound of MROME remains intact.

Vexierkasten begins showcasing melody and cold atmospheric effects before MROME ease into an energetic meaty rhythm. A track with some further tone shifts that make this one of the more unique sounding tracks on the album. Whereas Mama takes us on a journey fraught with metal power, passionate melody and vigorous groove.

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The longest track on the album, Srebrne szlaki brings forth some really uncomfortable effects and builds up an oppressive atmosphere. This goes on for just over 2-minutes before MROME deliver some chunky and crunchy metal riffs and drum patterns. The vocals then arrive as the tempo heats up and suddenly things are that little bit wilder.

As straight-forward as it gets in regards to forceful metal, Penis Fencing is a brutish listen. Followed then by Balance of Power, where MROME mess around with electronica once again but also wonderfully evolve the track into another bout of memorable heaviness.

Finally, it’s The Torun Horse and here MROME show that their imagination was pretty much limitless when it came to creating this album. The melodic twangs, the ever-rising guitar tones, the story-book elements carefully lathered throughout… this is a track that has drone-like qualities but is cleaner and develops in interesting ways.

It’s another top shelf release from this band.

MROME – Barbaric Values Full Track Listing:

1. Heart of Hearts
2. Inviting Birds
3. Vexierkasten
4. Mama
5. Srebrne szlaki
6. Penis Fencing
7. Balance of Power
8. The Torun Horse


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MROME - Barbaric Values (Self Released)
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