Game Review: Hyper Hotel (Mobile – Free to Play)

Similar to the likes of Plumber Master, Money Buster and Border Patrol, Suji Games’ Hyper Hotel puts you in charge of a holiday destination. Where it’s your job to check people in, keep the rooms clean and meet the growing demands of your guests.

All done in mini-game format starting with the check-in where you simply ring the bell to call a guest, scan their ID, check their booking and give them the correct key. All done with 4 touches of the screen. Very simple and very straight-forward.

The games that follow then range from having to pick up luggage by controlling a porter. Re-arranging the items in the mini fridge, cleaning a filthy pool, creating smoothies, taking guests to their correct floor in a lift, cleaning windows and more. There’s a fair few to get through before they start to repeat.

The goal? To earn coins that are then spent on adding new floors to your hotel. Floors where you can have gift shops, basket courts and more. It’s not exactly depth but it’s not unwelcome either as there are 10 floors to be filled and each room can be levelled up many times.

It’s just a shame the game is a bit stingy when it comes to coins, instead trying to push you to watch ads to increase your count. That wouldn’t be such a problem if there wasn’t an ad after almost every single mini game. Considering most are over in a matter of seconds that means there are a hell of a lot of ads.

Kindly, Suji Games have included the option to remove ads but that costs the standard £2.99 (remember when it was 99p?). Is that worth it? Not in the slightest. The mini games rarely heat up above tepid and quickly repeat with no increase in difficulty. Within 30 minutes, it gets really old and it will end up on trash pile.

Still, 30 minutes gameplay for a cut and copy free to play offering is better than most!

Hyper Hotel (Mobile - Free to Play)
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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