Game Review: Border Patrol (Mobile – Free to Play)

A free to play game with some addictive qualities, Border Patrol comes from developer Homa Games. It would almost be a good free to play offering if it had more depth, longevity and didn’t spam you with ads.

The latter is such a staple of the free to play gaming market now that it almost seems pointless to mention it. However, we will always call it out for what it is and once again, we have here a game that overdoes it to the extent you’ll probably stop playing it after a short amount of time.

Yes, you can turn Wi-Fi off and play it without ads, however you really shouldn’t have to do that.

So can it make up for the ad spam with fun gameplay? No, not really.

You take on the role of airport security and your job is to decide who gets into the country and who doesn’t. Choose what kind of flight you’re going to work and get your stamp ready. We have short-hauls, medium-hauls and private jets. The difference being the amount of passengers and amount of money you can earn. However, private jets can only be played by first watching an ad.

Once you’ve selected your flight, you’ll be told what is prohibited and it’s up to you to stop these items coming into the country. The passengers step in front of an x-ray screen whereupon you can see what they are carrying. You must then decide if what they have is on the prohibited list. It can range from weapons, animals, food, tools and more.

Swipe right to let them enter or swipe left to reject them and have them arrested. Get as many correct as possible to earn star rankings and earn money to spend on the look of your character or the environments. A nice touch and a reason to keep on playing.

You’ll need that reason too as Border Patrol is so repetitive that few won’t find themselves bored after only a few flights. It is the same thing over and over again with no variation on the gameplay. It never gets any harder and never gets any more interesting.


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Border Patrol
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