Game Review: Plumber Master (Mobile – Free to Play)

Plumber…handyman…maid… Plumber Master might begin having you clean out toilet blockages and cleaning sinks but in a short amount of time you’ll be doing everything. From fixing broken couches, to electric appliances, to putting clothes away and much more.

If you’ve played the likes of Super Salon, you’ll be very familiar with Plumber Master’s style of gameplay. Although hilariously, the store description calls this a ‘plumbing simulator’ even though it’s so far from that. Instead all you do is use the assigned tool to deal with the assigned problem.

Toilet blocked? Use your finger to create suction and clear the blockage. Bathtub dirty? Move the sponge around to clean the filth off. Something need repairing? Move the tool to the spot and hold your finger on it. Hardly complex and interesting stuff.

The more levels you beat, the more tasks are added making each subsequent level that little longer. Not tougher, as there really isn’t any kind of challenge here, just longer.

Your reward for completing levels? Coins and outfits. The former is used to buy even more outfits in the store while the latter builds up until you can watch an ad to unlock. No surprises there and of course, no surprise that the game regularly hits you with ads during gameplay too. It is, as always, more of an ad experience rather than a game.

Although here you can pay to remove them and in an even more surprising move, it only costs £1.99 instead of the usual £2.99. It’s still not worth it, not at all but it is nice to see someone not follow the same poorly priced trends.

It’s not worth it simply because there is next to no replay value to Plumber Master and a handful of unlockable costumes won’t change that. It’s better than the likes of Salon Master simply because it has more variety in tasks. Also it feels more like it is supposed to be game but that’s not high praise.

Plumber Master
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