EP Review: Dyatlove – Dyatlove (Self Released/Coup Sur Coup Records)

Dyatlove is a passionate foray into the realm of morose singer-songwriter overtones set alongside heavy music. Longtime friends Sam Caviglia (guitar/vocals) and Rikki Jennings-Buford (guitar) bonded over bands such as Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, and Pinback.

This array of influences drives the diversity of Vancouver, Canada’s Dyatlove, who don’t feel the need to pigeon hole into a particular genre. From sad songs to crushing sludge metal to 2-minute hardcore songs, Dyatlove conveys emotion and brings the heavy with drop A tuning.

The band adds:

We think this EP will be appreciated by more than just fans of heavy music. As musicians, we write the music that we want to hear and we aren’t fans of just metal. There is something for everyone who digs guitar-based music on this EP. We hope these 4 songs give you a good representation of our inspirations and where we could go musically.

The self-titled EP will be self-released on May 29th 2020 with a cassette/vinyl version coming from Coup Sur Coup Records.

Every band says they don’t want to be pigeon-holed and that they draw inspiration from a wide array of genres. However, few are able to actively showcase that in such a concise and consistent way.

Not such a problem for Dyatlove and their eclectic new EP.

A wonderfully pretty opener, Pass the Heavens has a progressive rock edge to it. The guitars shine brightly through the gloomy tone and the vocals have such an airy style to them, it really lifts the spirits. It’s a very attractive start that suddenly and abruptly it shifts gears for a more post-hardcore set of guitars and throat-shredding vocals.

Then just as soon as that started, it flips around to return to the melodramatic melodies briefly. Before going absolutely wild for the finale. Brilliance or madness? It’s not easy to decide.

Helping that decision though is the heaviest track on the album, Empty Lungs. Where drone and doom reign supreme and it’s powerful enough to leave most lying.

Still not sure? Fragile Fixation should find most agreeing that Dyatlove are brilliant as it combines the wonderful mellow vocals with gorgeous post guitar rhythm for one of the EP’s most memorable tracks.

Finally, for those who haven’t picked up the cassette or vinyl version, it is another absolute beast called Old Haunts. Dissonant guitars and howling vocals dissipate into the ether for a bit of melody punctuated by the drums. Before Dyatlove open up the post-heaviness wide for all to hear. Powerful doesn’t quite cut it and it’s certainly one of the most uniquely interesting tracks on the album.

The 4 tracks are more than enough for everyone to fall in love with this band but should you get your ears around Die! Kill! Pig! you will find a short, punky and intense hardcore assault to really sell the eclectic nature of this band.

Dyatlove – Dyatlove Full Track Listing:

1. Pass The Heavens
2. Empty Lungs
3. Fragile Fixation
4. Old Haunts
5. Die! Kill! Pig! (bonus track 5 only on cassette and vinyl versions)

Dyatlove - Dyatlove (Self Released/Coup Sur Coup Records)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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