EP Review: Renunciation – The Terminal Archetype (Self Released)

Renunciation are black/technical death metal band from Moscow, Russia whose debut EP ‘The Terminal Archetype’ will be released on August 14th 2020.

Renunciation influences come from classic death and black metal bands like Death, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor etc. However, the skills and experience of band members allow them to mix elements of different heavy metal styles in an inventive cocktail and still remain comprehensible without falling into experimental and eclectic approach.

A melodramatic intro (When There’s No One to Fear the Night) leads to a fiery blast of metal, hyper-active riffing and devilish vocals. Deliverance from God is a feral assault that has little bend or give, even when the vocals are changed up to a more shouted approach.

Keeping the tempo very hot and deliciously evil, Renunciation burn brightly on the title track and following Arrogance of Worms. Here, they really show what they’re made of with some serious guitar shredding, a touch of black metal epic-ness, jerky head-banging percussion and just a silver of melody.

It’s awesome stuff and over far too quickly but hell, do they go out with a bang on Порог (The Threshold). The grandness taken to a more demented level.

Renunciation – The Terminal Archetype Full Track Listing:

1. When There’s No One to Fear the Night
2. Deliverance from God
3. The Terminal Archetype
4. Arrogance of Worms
5. Порог (The Threshold)




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Renunciation – The Terminal Archetype (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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