Album Review: Orbit Culture – Nija (Seek & Strike)

Swedish quartet Orbit Culture release their new album ‘Nija’ on 7th August 2020 via Seek & Strike, their first release on the label and with their current line-up. After tirelessly working to hone their craft, 2020 sees Orbit Culture at a level where they have perfected their sound and with ‘Nija’, the band release their most focused and powerful material to date.

Distilling their brand of melodic metal through a technical sieve, what comes from Nija is an encapsulation of brutality, memorable rhythm and proficiency.

The first track, At the Front showcasing a blazing intensity with memorable rhythm that is the epitome of the album overall. On North Star of Nij and Day of the Cloud we find razor sharp riffs and vocals that alternate between coarse and clean. Both have moments that are surprisingly catchy, with the latter’s lighter than air melodic drop truly outstanding.

Talking of outstanding though… Behold is a real star track. The dark and echoing melody and tired vocals at the start give way to a faster beat with a bit more meat to the metal bones but never straying too far from the initial tune.

It’s back to the energetic fury and force afterwards with Open Eye, Mirrorslave and Nensha as Orbit Culture continue to provide a varied style of melodic metal. The attention constantly grasped by something new or intriguing.

Which brings us to another hefty dose of melodic highs with the grandiose Rebirth before Orbit Culture wrap up their impressive effort with one final encouraging slab of metal.

Orbit Culture – Nija Full Track Listing:

1. At The Front
2. North Star Of Nija
3. Day Of The Cloud
4. Behold
5. Open Eye
6. Mirrorslave
7. Nensha
8. Rebirth
9. The Shadowing



Orbit Culture - Nija (Seek & Strike)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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