Horror Movie Review: Bone Eater (2008)

You can spot a SyFy made for TV movie a mile away. Low budget, normally starring a once top actor picking up a paycheck and with effects that are embarrassing to watch. They’re in abundance and instantly familiar to anyone who has seen a handful before. Few are rarely worth seeing and up there as one of the worst is this movie, Bone Eater.

Directed and written by Jim Wynorski, Bone Eater stars Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Horse, Adoni Maropis and Clara Bryant.

Boxleitner plays Sheriff Steve Evans who must protect his small town from the Bone Eater! A horrible CGI Native American monster that can turn its victims to dust simply by breathing on them. Which is a strange power to have considering it is a creature made entirely out of bones.

What has caused this monster to rise from the ground and cause chaos? Only the desecration of Native American burial grounds by a big city developer!

To make matters worse for Sheriff Evans, the Bone Eater’s arrival coincides with his daughter’s arrival in town. Will he be able to save the town, his daughter and tap into his ‘Native American’ past?

That last part isn’t a joke, it’s part of the plot. Yes, this movie has Bruce Boxleitner pretend to have Native American roots. Even dressing up as one on the finale. It is as awkward as it sounds and you can tell he’s hating every moment of it.

If that hasn’t convinced you that Bone Eater is shocker of a movie then you may be drunk. As that’s the only way anyone could find this rubbish enjoyable. It’s not a ‘so bad it’s good movie’, it’s simply a bad movie.

A horrible and boring plot, embarrassing stereotypes, bad acting, next to no blood or gore and eye-gouging CGI. Bone Eater is a horror to avoid completely.


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Bone Eater
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