Single Slam – Burn One Turn One by Stone Sour (Hydrograd Deluxe Edition)

Stone Sour have released a new song, a previously unreleased recording from their Hydrograd sessions, called Burn One Turn One. The band plan to release a deluxe version of Hydrograd as a two disc set on the 31st of August via Roadrunner Records.

The Iowa based hard rock band released their 6th studio album in June 2017. That was called Hydrograd and you can read our thoughts on it here. I didn’t love it. I certainly wouldn’t have said it warranted a deluxe edition a year later but that is what we are getting. The deluxe edition is said to feature two discs. The original release on one and a second disc containing a collection of unreleased tracks, live versions, alternative versions and covers. The covers include versions of Van Halen’s Unchained, Rage Against the Machine’s Bombtrack and Soundgarden’s Outshined.

Burn One

Stone Sour are of course, fronted by Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor. Josh Rand is on rhythm guitar and Christian Martucci is on lead guitar. Johny Chow is on the bass and Roy Mayorga is the drummer.

Burn One Turn One has been described by some as being a little Slipknot like though if that is the case, very modern Slipknot at a push. It is a pretty short song, at under 4 minutes and starts off with Corey speaking. No music, just a single sentence of “When the going gets tough, the touch become an addict” before it kicks in with loose drumming and a guitar with a bit of crunch. The vocals are spat with a bit of menace which I guess is where the Slipknot similarities come from though they don’t stick around for long.

As the song progresses, Corey’s vocals turn more into the hard rock, clean singing familiar to Stone Sour and the music settles into a standard pattern. There is a nice pace to the verses though I really don’t like the chorus much. Deep, almost spoken vocals end with a higher toned word. While it is impressive to see just how much of a range Corey has, and he uses it all at different points of the song. Well almost all, just staying away from his most brutal Slipknot style. There is a short but decent solo which leads into that chorus again, repeated through to the end. There is just a little time for a silly and unnecessary chuckle before a nice loose and heavy rhythm section to end.

Burn One Turn One is a decent enough rock song. Corey sounds fired up and utilises many different tones and voices. I really don’t like the chorus much unfortunately which turns me off the song a bit. I don’t really get the point of the silly chuckle near the end. It takes the edge off of the song by making it seem like a joke rather than an angry bit of music. It isn’t all bad though. The verses are catchy and there are some really strong instrumental sections on show. Not bad, probably not enough to make you want to buy a second copy of Hydrograd unless you are a huge fan of Stone Sour already.

Burn One Turn One is available as an instant download to all who preorder the album from digital service providers. There are also signed physical editions and more available here, via Pledge Music. Find out more about Stone Sour at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website.

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Burn One Turn One by Stone Sour (Hydrograd Deluxe Edition)
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