Game Review: Money Buster! (Mobile – Free to Play)

All about money. Money Buster is a bunch of mini-games surrounding the thing that makes the world go round. A casual, free to play offering from Alictus, Money Buster has some addictive qualities but gets old quick.

As of version 1.0.22 there is plenty of variation in the mini-games but as you make your way through levels they repeat on a cycle. That is the first problem. The second is that the difficulty never increases making the whole experience feel more and more repetitive. The third problem is that some are just not very good.

Those involving moving the right notes to the right piles (yawn), stacking money piles into a briefcase, setting piles of money on fire or ironing crumped notes. Quick to complete but very boring.

There are some good ones though. Such as using a magnifying glass and colour scanner to spot fake notes. Organising gems, notes and gold bars on the right shelf in the vaults or working out the value of notes to pay into a machine.

There’s nothing exactly thrilling here but as far as short bursts of gameplay goes, it nails that. Just about.

However, those looking for some sort of goal, something to aim for will find themselves disappointed. The money you earn from completing games adds to a total score and that’s it. It doesn’t give it much replay value and truth be told; most will probably never play it again after the initial burst.

All this before we’ve even taken the ad spam into account which is as annoyingly over the top as always. Just put your phone on airplane mode? Why has this become the accepted way to play a game on your phone? How about instead of putting the onus on the player we hold developers to account instead.


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Money Buster!
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