Horror Movie Review: Ouija Shark (2020)

Let’s not pull any punches, Ouija Shark is inherently a bad movie but if you’re expecting it not to be, well…look at the title!

While not the first film to mix the supernatural and sharks, Ouija Shark is certainly something of a unique offering. Director Brett Kelly, using the pseudonym of Scott Patrick teams up with writer David A. Lloyd. The pairing having previously worked together on Jurassic Shark and Raiders of the Lost Shark.

An almost no-budget flick (reportedly $300), what Ouija Shark manages to accomplish with that is impressive. In the same way an exhausted parent is impressed when their baby doesn’t spit up their food for the first time since birth.

The movie begins showing a woman taking a dip in the ocean only to come across a strange looking Ouija board. She takes it and meets up with her girlfriends who decide to play around with it. A bad idea as they inadvertently unleash a ghostly man-eating shark.

It is as ridiculous as it sounds and that’s before we really get to see the shark. Before we get the finale that takes place in the shark’s spiritual realm. There’s no taking this film seriously. The acting is sub-par, the story basic and the visuals eye-wateringly bad but it has charm.

If this has been made in a certain era (80s), the video market would have lapped it up. Alas, it’s part of a modern bunch of ultra-low budget horrors that most will avoid on face value. They’re ten-a-penny but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some entertainment to be had.

If the sight of a teenage girl trying to get a terrible CGI ghost-shark high isn’t the sort of thing that gives you a wry smile, then this film isn’t for you. For everyone else? Fully unchain your brain, crack open a beer and see Ouija Shark for what it is. An absurd backyard movie that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Ouija Shark
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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