Album Review: Bear Mace – Charred Field of Slaughter (Self Released)

Since forming in 2012, Chicago death metal quintet Bear Mace has mostly operated in the shadows. Influenced by Death, Bolt Thrower, and Massacre, the band made their presence known via a demo cassette and infrequent live appearances. Finally, in 2017 the band released a debut full-length, Butchering The Colossus, leading to positive reviews and a recent opening slot for Tampa legends Massacre on their reunion tour. However, work on a follow-up album was delayed by turnover in the band’s ranks. Finally, the wait is over, and Bear Mace is prepared to unleash their 2nd album “Charred Field Of Slaughter” upon the world on August 14th 2020.

While Bear Mace’s members have kept their identities hidden thus far, the recent lineup changes motivated them to step into the light. Led by vocalist Chris Scearce (formerly Lord Devourer), the band consists of guitarist Mark Sugar (Black Sites) and drummer Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Without Waves) alongside new recruits John Porada (bass, Wolvhammer, Pulchra Morte) and Tommy Bellino (guitar, Armored Assault).

Guitarist Mark Sugar commented:

We are proud to deliver the next chapter in the Bear Mace saga. We had a lot to prove this time around, and the result is an album that does not let up whatsoever.

When you feel like you have a point to prove, you’re often willing to push yourself to depths and levels you may never have been too before. If that’s what Bear Mace feel they needed to do, the effort has well and truly paid off.

Charred Field of Slaughter isn’t just a great extreme metal album. No, it’s a great album full-stop. Aggressive, heavy, dark, twisted, anthemic and memorable. What we get here is 8 tracks of ballsy, in-your-face metal. An assault on the mind that draws from the worlds of thrash and death but smushes them together to create a unique Bear Mace sound. It might initially sound like ‘just another extreme release’ but this is an album with layers.

Layers that peel back more and more as the album develops and Bear Mace flex their extensive and enthusiastic musical muscles. Most will be sold with the opening salvo of Destroyed By Bears but Bear Mace are only getting started.

The riffs and soloing of Rouge Weapon, the fiery groove and thumping drum beat of Let Crack the Whip, the title track’s explosive fury and Brain Rot’s no nonsense all-out assault on the mind. Just a selection of the high quality heavyweight metal that Bear Mace exude here.

Point well and truly proven.

Bear Mace – Charred Field of Slaughter Full Track Listing:

1. Destroyed By Bears
2. Rogue Weapon
3. Xenomorphic Conquest
4. Let Crack the Whip
5. Charred Field of Slaughter
6. Plague Storm
7. From the Sky Rains Hell
8. Brain Rot


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Bear Mace - Charred Field of Slaughter (Self Released)
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