Album Review: War Gods of the Deep – Action Space Battle (Astro Dragon Records)

Astro Dragon Records presents the brand new full length album by Chicago based band War Gods of the Deep titled ‘Action Space Battle’ – available everywhere that music is purchased, streamed, exploited and stolen on September 17th 2019.

WGOTD has built quite a reputation for itself with both rock and metal audiences alike on the strength of their 2016 debut Monsters, Magic & Mayhem as well as their follow up, 2017’s critically acclaimed Robots. Rockets & Rampage. Now, with Action Space Battle, WGOTD set out to firmly establish their intent to both define and lead a “new wave of American heavy metal power rock” (N.W.O.A.H.M.P.R).

The groove and general catchiness of opener Transmission might take some by surprise especially if you’re discovering War Gods of the Deep for the first time. It has got real metal depth to it but is wonderfully uplifting. Thanks in part to the unifying vocals. It’s a real grower and credit to WGOTD for starting their new album with such a banger.

Thankfully it’s not a one-off as Sons of the Serpent drops punchy beats, Life Coach is just as catchy with wickedly fun guitar riffing and Beautiful Oblivion brings a fair bit more heavy in a nice change of pace.

Honestly, if you’re not madly in love with WGOTD by time you’ve reached The Machine, you might need to check your hearing. Mind you, this next track is something of a surprise as it’s over 10+ minutes long. Delving deeply into WGOTD’s bag of tricks. We get moody metal rhythm with statement like vocals, more complex guitar soloing and a groove shift in the latter half that is ear-pleasing as hell.

The head-banging guitar groove and gruff vocals keeps things ticking along nicely with Drone before the uber catchiness returns for the uplifting Light of Your Soul. They are then followed by the cheeky and fun Burn the Misery and the moody One of Us.

An excellent listen is seen out with Horizon, one final super-groovy and super-catchy effort. The cherry on top of a really memorable album.

War Gods of the Deep – Action Space Battle Full Track Listing:

1. Transmission
2. Sons of the Serpent
3. Life Coach
4. Beautiful Oblivion
5. The Machine
6. Done
7. Light of your Soul
8. Burn the Misery
9. One of Us
10. Horizon




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War Gods of the Deep - Action Space Battle (Astro Dragon Records)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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