Album Review: Cultura Tres – Camino De Brujos (AJM/Bloodblast)

Camino De Brujos is the new studio album from long-running South American metallers Cultura Tres. It will be released on April 7th, 2023 via Universal Music in the Americas and Bloodblast in the rest of the world.

Cultura Tres is Camino De Brujos acknowledging their sludgy and doomy past while focusing on their thrash-infused head-banging future. An encapsulation of who and what this band was and is now. Capable of standing on their own feet, without drawing constant parallels to other successful South American metal bands.

Even if those comparisons are hard to avoid. Especially when Sepultura’s bass player Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. is in their ranks now and the thrashy, energetic groove of The Word and Its Lies is the opener of the album. A kickass and head-banger of a start that has some real thump and crunch to the rhythm.

Delving into more experimental areas while still delivering exciting and familiar South American groove, the album really comes to life with Time Is Up and Signs. The former frenetic energy is complimented by the doomy tempo shift. Whereas the latter expands into atmospherically layered locales with some grubby sounding guitars and pounding drum beats. Exciting and energised stuff.

Clearly feeling confident as all hell, Camino De Brujos then play around with some ‘classic rock’ ideas blended with intense metal on The Land. Before smashing the hell out of everyone and everything with the wild intensity of Proxy Wars. Following that up with the double hit of heaviness that is 19 Horas and Zombies. Albeit from two different directions and with much more eclectic soundscapes.

It’s all part of the experience that is Cultura Tres.

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An experience that reaches its apex with the unsettling short ‘intermission’ that is De Maracay, the crunching darkness of The Smell of Death, and the atmospheric concentration of noise that is the self-titled finale. Whatever comparisons were made at the start, are well and truly forgotten by the end. Camino De Brujos continue to show why they might be South America’s most under appreciated band.

Camino De Brujos – Cultura Tres Track Listing:

1. The World and Its Lies
2. Time Is Up
3. Signs
4. The Land
5. Proxy War
6. 19 Horas
7. Zombies
8. De Maracay
9. The Smell of Death
10. Camino de Brujos


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Cultura Tres - Camino De Brujos (AJM/Bloodblast)
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