Game Review: Master Doctor 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

Alictus sure loves a free to play game that takes a ‘job’, exaggerates it and turn it into 10-second long mini-games that require very little interaction from you. An endless run of tasks that always start to repeat from around level 45. We know this because we’ve played a fair few of them (Theme Park Run 3D, Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets, Rob Master 3D, Deep Clean Inc. 3D, Money Buster). Master Doctor 3D follows suit, does nothing new and ticks all the boxes for these games. It’s an Alictus special, with all their usual ad-spam and pointless in-game currency present and accounted for.

Take on the role of a highly skilled doctor and cure patients of what ails them. This can range from bear trap removal and treating cuts, to repairing teeth and dealing with concussions, to getting rid of a lice problem and fixing a pair of broken glasses. It’s a random litany of tasks that don’t tax in the slightest because of the simplicity involved in completing each one.

In fact, the game leads you by the hand. No matter how many levels deep you are. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s all basic ‘touch and swipe actions. There’s’ no challenge to be found here.

Again, this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if it was fresh or new but not only have Alictus done this countless times, so have so many other developers. The ‘pick up and play’ aspect of the free to play market dominates now but innovation has ground to a halt. With a game like Master Doctor 3D, you can see signs of something more substantial there. If the developer would just try.

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Of course, they won’t. After all, these things are just ways for them earn ad-revenue money and like all Alictus games, Master Doctor 3D is packed with them. Popping up at an obnoxious rate and you can’t even turn off your internet as, get this, Master Doctor 3D requires an internet connection to play. It’s stuff that like this, absurd stuff like this, that just makes the bad taste a game like this leaves all the more worse.


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Master Doctor 3D (Mobile - Free to Play)
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