Game Review: Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets (Mobile – Free to Play)

Silly Secrets is a free game from the prolific (or spammy) developer/publisher Alictus. Another “quest” style game in which you have to take part in lewd behavior, but everything happens much sillier. Unlike kasyna online polska, where by the way of recreation and you can not badly spend time and even earn.

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From having to block text messages from your baby mamas and side-pieces proposing marriage. To having to hide the evidence of your hook-ups to throwing darts into pictures of your cheating ex and spraying money around like a good sugar daddy/mama should. To replying carefully to a suspicious and jealous partner to revealing if you’re the baby daddy on a Jerry Springer style show.

There’s a fair few scenarios to play through before they start to repeat and they sound fun but they’re really not. This is as basic as it comes and your actual input is minimal.

Take the ‘are you the daddy’ game for example. All you do is rub your finger to reveal the child’s DNA and then decide if it matches yours. Although the reaction of your ‘would be daddy’ says a lot. Cheering if he isn’t the father and breaking down if he is. What are you trying to say Alictus?

It’s just one example of how little gameplay is on offer here as almost all the mini-games have you doing basic touch or swipe actions. While that’s par for the course, the one area this game could have excelled at is with its conversation portions. Where you interact with the opposite sex and try to woo them. This could have been fun except the few options you get are so outlandish, it’s pointless.

One mini-game has you walk your character and pick up some flowers that you then take to several girls at tables. There, you can compliment them, insult them or offer them a gift. The latter is only available via an ad that you must watch. What choice!

Which brings us to the other massive negative… the ads. Wow, Alictus know you’ll not be playing this one for long so absolutely spams you with ads. After almost every single mini-game, an ad. It makes it unplayable unless you do the obvious which is put your device on airplane mode.

This way, you can at least get through the mini-games quickly but after 10 minutes, they start to repeat and never get any tougher ensuring this will be where most quit.

It’s not the worst game Alictus have put out there but even then, it’s pretty rubbish.


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Affairs 3D: Silly Secrets (Mobile - Free to Play)
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