Game Review: Deep Clean Inc. 3D (Mobile – Free to Play)

Alictus sure love pumping out these ‘job’ style free to play games. With this, Deep Clean Inc. 3D joins Money Buster and Fix the Item with reviews on this site. If you’re not familiar with this type of free to play game, it’s as basic as it comes. Level after level of completing jobs relating to the game’s subject. At first varied, but eventually repeating tasks with very little increase in difficulty.

The word monotonous often jumps to mind and with Deep Clean Inc. 3D it is front and centre.

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As straight-forward as everything else Alictus has released, Deep Clean Inc. 3D tasks you with cleaning varying objects in different ways. From having to clean dirty windows, removing junk from phone ports, to steam-cleaning teddy bears and removing stickers from laptops. It really is as unexciting as it sounds and even less satisfying.

Gameplay is basic, everything done by touching the screen and moving your fingers about. No matter the job, it all plays the same way. Your reward for such thrilling gameplay is coins that can then be spent on different tools to help you clean. Unsurprisingly, this is not as rewarding as it sounds. There are no changes in gameplay regardless of what your tool looks like.

Here’s the thing though. Deep Clean Inc. 3D is a perfectly competent game if, and only if, this is your first experience of Alictus’ job style games. If this is the first one you ever play, you’ll find it works well and has some initial addictive qualities about it. It will easily wile away a short train journey into work which is all these games are ever supposed to be.

If, like us, you’re overly familiar with these games, you’ll likely have a different view. Seeing this as just another tepid and boorish free to play offering.

Of course, we can’t finish this review without mentioning the bane of most free to play games, the ads. To the surprise of nobody, they’re as obnoxious as always. You know what to do here… stick your device on aeroplane mode and ignore the game begging you to turn it back on.


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Deep Clean Inc. 3D (Mobile - Free to Play)
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