Game Review: Fix the Item (Mobile – Free to Play)

Incredibly tedious, Alictus’ Fix the Item goes for simplicity over everything else resulting in a game that totally lacks the fun factor.

The goal is to repair electronic items that come into your shop. Take out the screws, replace faulty parts, clean off rust and dirt… it’s a monotonous as it sounds. Made all the worse by the game holding your hand throughout.

No matter how many times you repeat the same tasks, the game will spell out exactly what you need to do. Which might not be so bad if it was complex or changed up what was required of you, but it doesn’t.

It’s up there as one of the most tedious games you’ll ever play on the free to play market but that’s not why it gets such an incredibly low rating. No, the reason Fix the Item can proudly sit amongst the pile of crap at the very bottom of the free to play gaming market is because of its odious ads.

While ad spam is sadly par for the course these days, Alictus saw what others were doing and thought, we can make that worse. You can barely go 10 seconds in this game without an ad popping up. You might expect to get one after every item you repair but no, instead you’ll get several throughout. It is beyond a piss-take and the argument about putting your device on ‘airplane mode’ is just excusing the shitty practice.

That gameplay is so bland and so dull just makes the whole experience worse. Fix the Item can’t be forgiven for doing what everyone else does because it puts absolutely no effort in. There’s a reason why Alictus aren’t charging upfront for a game like this and it’s simply because no-one would be stupid enough to pay it.

A shameful display.


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Fix the Item
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