EP Review: Chasmdweller – Fossilized (Self Released)

The abomination that is the melting pot of blackened death, doom, dungeon synth and power electronics return. Known as Chasmdweller, they have been causing devastation whenever they emerge. Fear the arrival of these noise-mongers.

Chasmdweller’s brand new EP, Fossilized was released on April 7th 2021.

Back with a new EP and bringing a ton of guttural devastation in their wake, Chasmdweller’s Fossilized is a grim listen. Raw and very dirty, the four tracks offer varying degrees of intensity, rooted in a feral style of blackened death. The word ‘evil’ comes to mind a lot and for good reason. The vocals in particular really adding sinister, terrifying doomier depths.

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The other word that comes to mind just as much is ‘heavy’, unsurprisingly. Chasmdweller are focused on the brutality and while there are rhythmic elements, Fossilized is unashamedly crass. You almost want to check that no-one else is around before you hit play, lest they judge you upon hearing such grubbiness.



It’s a common question that gets raised while plowing through the four maggoty-filth-ridden efforts here. Does the lack of unique elements or original ideas matter when Chasmdweller’s blend of styles works so well? Does it matter when what’s on offer is so good? The answer is going to be down to individuals but in our opinion, quality metal is all that matters and in the case of Fossilized, that is exactly what we get.

Chasmdweller – Fossilized Full Track Listing:

1. The Carnage Below
2. Liturgy Of Raw Flesh
3. Mauled Sadistically
4. Fossilized


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Chasmdweller - Fossilized (Self Released)
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