Album Review: Shadowspawn – The Biology Of Disbelief (Emanzipation Productions)

Danish death-metallers, Shadowspawn are back with their third release, The Biology of Disbelief. To be released on digital, CD, and LP by Emanzipation Productions on April 16th, 2021.

Shadowspawn hope you like your death metal with a lot of neck-breaking, bone-crunching and head-smashing power because that’s exactly what they have to offer here. The Biology of Disbelief is a nasty slab of viciousness, ten tracks of crushing ruthlessness that makes the bones ache.

The opulence of the riffs and the frenzied way they are spat out, Shadowspawn have a hell of a lot to showcase here. No two tracks sound anything like the other while still being undeniably death metal. The haste of everything, the thickness of the percussion and rasping vocals ensure that.

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We can talk about the heaviness all day (seriously, ouch) but what makes this a more appealing listen is the darkness that the album is imbued with. It’s oozing through every aspect and gives it a blacker flavour while being solely focused on a death metal sound.

It’s that evil side that really sticks in the mind afterwards. Aside from the constant slew of powerful riffing and those spaced out but extravagant guitar solos.

Memorable stuff.

Shadowspawn – The Biology of Disbelief Full Track Listing:

1. Under the Blood Red Moon
2. Obliteration Exceptional
3. Daughters of Lot
4. In the Light of Darkness
5. Return to Ashes
6. Rite of Passage
7. The Biology of Disbelief
8. Decreating the Prestine
9. Dark Dawn Take Me
10. Bite the Pain


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Shadowspawn - The Biology Of Disbelief (Emanzipation Productions)
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