EP Review: Thecodontion/Vessel of Iniquity – The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event (I, Voidhanger Records)

Prehistoric death metal band Thecodontion are releasing a conceptual split titled The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event with UK noise/black metal one-man band Vessel of Iniquity. It will be released on September 3rd by I, Voidhanger Records on CD (ltd. 200 copies). Cassette edition (ltd. 100 copies) will be out the same day, co-released by Bad Moon Rising (Taiwan) and Dead Red Queen Records (USA).



A split from two great bands, we’ve enjoyed a lot of what Thecodontion have been doing over the past few years (Jurassic/Supercontinent). As well as what Vessel of Iniquity have been doing (Vessel of Iniquity/Void of Infinite Horror).

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With two tracks on this release, Thecodontion dominate proceedings. Their two offerings drip in their familiar primordial death metal ooze and those familiar with their last release, Supercontinent will feel at home. Seeing as the two tracks were recorded during the same recording session of said debut full-length.

The concept surrounds the Permian-Triassic extinction event (The Great Dying) and life emerging anew afterwards. Something that certainly requires you to get in the headspace for it but once there, Thecodontion alone convey prehistoric death, destruction and rebirth. The rawness of Thecodontion is one thing but Vessel of Iniquity are on another level in that regard. It makes sense that the one-man band would have the track called ‘The Great Dying’ as it is so chaotic and destructive. The drawn-out middle portion is just as distressing as the ferocity of the blackened noise that surrounds it.

Savage stuff. If you’ve enjoyed both bands work to date, you’ll feel right at home here. If you’ve never heard either then it’s a great entry point for both.

Thecodontion/Vessel of Iniquity – The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event Full Track Listing:

1. Thecodontion – Thecodontosaurus antiquus (The Epitome of Dinosauria)
2. Thecodontion – Procompsognathus triassicus (Death, Asymmetric and Grotesque)
3. Vessel of Iniquity – The Great Dying



Thecodontion/Vessel of Iniquity - The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event (I, Voidhanger Records)
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