EP Review: Thecodontion – Jurassic (Xenoglossy Productions/Wooaaargh/Glossolalia Records)

Xenoglossy Productions, an underground label specializing in extreme metal, noise, and experimental music, is partnering with Wooaaargh (Germany) and Glossolalia Records (USA) to release Jurassic, the forthcoming 7″ EP by Thecodontion out on March 22nd 2019. The Italian band, which does not use guitars in their music, plays black/death metal with lyrics focusing on prehistoric themes.

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Thecodontion is a black/death metal band hailing from Rome, Italy. Founded in 2016 by Heliogabalus (also known as G.E.F. – vocals) and Stilgar (also known as G.D. – bass), Thecodontion don’t use guitars in in their music. Instead, they use two finger-picked, distorted basses (with a third one for solos), vocals, and drums in order to convey a more ancestral sound. This approach compliments their lyrical imagery, which is based on prehistory, fossils and geologic periods.

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It will not be a surprise to know that Thecodontion’s Jurassic is a seriously fuzzed out EP. The bass only approach giving each track a really coarse and scuzzy sound. Raw and foul, the noise that comes out of this band is not something everyone will be able to get along with.

Short and sharp jabs to the ears, only one track of the four goes over 3 minutes. Which considering just how rough this is, is certainly for the best.

You have to admire the idea of just using bass, drums and vocals. It shouldn’t result in anything with a discernible rhythm but it does. Sure, it’s as rough as year-old milk but Thecodontion have nailed that prehistoric feel. This is music that has just crawled out of the sludge and is now looking for something to feed on.

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Thecodontion – Jurassic Full Track Listing:

1. Normannognathus wellnhoferi (Crests)
2. Rhamphorhynchus muensteri (Wingset)
3. Barosaurus lentus (Sundance Sea Stratigraphy)
4. Breviparopus taghbaloutensis (Legacy of the Trackmaker Unknown)



The Ep can be ordered via Thecodontion’s Bandcamp here, Xenoglossy Productions here, Wooaaargh here and Glossolalia Records here.

Thecodontion – Jurassic (Xenoglossy Productions/Wooaaargh/Glossolalia Records)
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