EP Review: Vessel of Iniquity – Vessel of Iniquity (Sentient Ruin/Xenoglossy Productions)

The self-titled debut release by UK-one man band, Vessel of Iniquity is fifthteen minutes of sonic trauma. Three tracks of blackened death metal delivering unrivalled noise & abuse. The EP will be released in US by Sentient Ruin, and in the EU by Xenoglossy Productions on January 19th 2018.

Vessel 1

Producing an intense extreme sound, this short release from Vessel of Iniquity is one that will shock many listeners to their core. An annihilation of the senses, it’s unbridled fury delivered at a mind-melting pace.

Opening track, Void of Existential Terror is inhuman in its sound. The roaring noise of the metal, the unholy hellish sounds of the vocals & the gut-churning drone of the electronics. Where Even Nothing is Something dares to bring a small amount of order to the chaotic effort but eventually throws in the towel allowing the ferocious blast-beats to take over.

The audial terror ends with the lengthy musical devastation that is Choronzon. A slower & haunted start builds towards an eruption of noise that produces a much more listenable & enjoyable sound. The highlight of a fascinating yet difficult release. An absolute noise assault, one that is good in short amounts.

Vessel 2

Vessel of Iniquity – Vessel of Iniquity Full Track Listing:

1. Void Of Existential Terror
2. Where Even Nothing is Something
3. Choronzon

You can order the EP now over on Bandcamp & over on Sentient Ruin’s website.

Vessel of Iniquity - Vessel of Iniquity (Sentient Ruin/Xenoglossy Productions)
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