Game Review: Theme Park Fun 3D! (Mobile – Free to Play)

A regular free to play developer that we just keep coming across is Alictus and while we don’t consider them amongst the worst, they’re hardly a shining beacon of quality. Case in point… Theme Park Fun 3D! A mini-game, ad experience that has a little more longevity than most because of the variety in mini-games.

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Simple one-touch gameplay that has you operating rides, enjoying some of the entertainment yourself and overall, trying to make the park the most fun place to be for the customers and yourself. It’s packed with a lot of different mini-games, but needed to be, as most can be completed in a matter of seconds. Not only that, fail a level and it will still be completed.

So, what do you get for completing the games? Smiley emojis that go towards a running high score and that’s it. They can’t be spent on anything making their inclusion utterly pointless.

With nothing to buy, such as outfit changes or skins etc, there’s very little to keep you coming back to this. Especially once you’ve played every mini-game going. You see, while there are quite a few (40+), they do eventually start repeating over and over again. Once you’ve hit this point and with nothing to spend your hard-earned emojis on, there’s no reason to keep on playing. While some of the mini-games are fun, many are tepid and far too easy, so it’s not like they have replay value either.

Of course, all of this only matters if you’re capable of ignoring the usual and that is the horrendous ad-spam. No easy task as Theme Park Fun 3D is packed with them. Thankfully, the ‘wi-fi trick’ works on this game so make sure you turn it off before you start playing otherwise, you’ll not get through 5 minutes of gameplay with the number of ads coming at you.

All that aside, Alictus deserve some praise for actually trying to make this game a bit more like an actual game. They could do 10 or 20 mini-games and then leave it at that. Instead, they go a lot further with it and it’s appreciated. If they had bothered to make the emoji currency worth something we’d even go as far to say that this was a decent game. Instead, and because of the pointless nature of your rewards, it’s nothing but another below average free to play, ad spam experience.


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Theme Park Fun 3D! (Mobile - Free to Play)
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